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Paperless Processing

Optimize your business processes.
For too long, paperless electronic services has been reduced to scanning paper. Reinvent 100% digital processes to optimize and control your information streams.

Nowadays, businesses have to manage many difficult issues: burgeoning amounts of data, application redundancy, data obsolescence, regulatory constraints, the need to preserve information for long periods, retention policies, shrinking budgets… In the wake of mergers or acquisitions, and numerous application migrations, information systems are continually evolving and getting increasingly cumbersome. So managing them is a more and more complex task. 70% of the IT budget is typically destined for application maintenance these days, while just 30% goes to fund the development of new applications.

Application Retirement: Optimize your legacy applications

Bull can support you through application retirement projects; from the initial expression of need right through to the point where any data you want to preserve is made available to the business.

Application retirement involves turning off old applications and infrastructures that use structured data that is no longer being updated. This data is preserved in a format that is independent of the original application, and easily accessible using the kinds of standard tools available to the business. Regulatory requirements and the threat of possible legal action means organizations effectively have to preserve some of their data for many years. Although this data is not being updated, it still has to be accessible at any time for traceability, auditing or regulatory reasons.

Our offering meets your needs for:

  • Compliance and secure access to data held under the terms of specific legislation
  • Return on investment and lower operating costs
  • Rationalization of your applications and/or platforms, a less complex systems architecture and reductions in the costs associated with it
  • Data compression in order to free up more space
  • Focusing of your resources on ‘living’ data – such as that used in production applications – and reducing operational and business risks.


Bull’s team carries out data archiving for the application(s) being decommissioned and develops tools to interrogate that data and support business users. Bull prefers to take an iterative approach to implementation, a proven method already used on numerous projects.

Three key stages in decommissioning your system:

  • Stage 1 – An ROI assessment is made for a clearly defined portfolio of legacy applications, and applications eligible for decommissioning are analyzed along with their associated operation costs. Timescale: typically 1 to 2 weeks. Deliverable: ROI for the proposed decommissioning.
  • Stage 2 – The mapping study consists of a very rapid analysis of the legacy applications to be retired. Timescale: 1 to 2 months. Deliverable: proposed implementation scenarios according to pre-defined prioritization criteria.
  • Stage 3 – The application retirement project is completed, according to the scenario chosen at Stage 2. Timescale: four months or more, depending on the number of applications to be removed. Deliverables: development and provision of tools to access the data being preserved; removal of old applications.

A strategic partnership


Bull is an exclusive integration partner of Informatica. As part of its application retirement offering, Bull relies on Informatica technology, using the company’s Data Archive software to archive the data that needs to be preserved. As a manufacturer, solutions integrator and major player in IT hosting and the cloud, Bull operates across the entire IT value chain and guarantees security throughout the project life cycle.


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Application Retirement

Bull can support you through applications decommissioning projects; from the initial expression of need right through to the point where any data you want to preserve is made available to the business.

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