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Paperless Processing

Optimize your business processes.
For too long, paperless electronic services has been reduced to scanning paper. Reinvent 100% digital processes to optimize and control your information streams.

How do you computerize your processes? There are two possible strategies: to digitize a vertical business process, with targeted ROI; or to implement a horizontal archiving solution, combining it with a major document management application like e-mail. The secret? A phased approach, targeting rapid ROI at each stage.

Computerize a collection of procedures

The challenge? To improve service delivery, cut costs and timescales, and transform paper procedures into digital ones, for administrative tasks, payments, etc.

The solution? Boost > Data capture: Implementing automated document scanning/recognition solutions or secure on-line processes, taking advantage of paperless processing to offer additional services to users such as personalized account management, recommendations, etc.
Bull’s greatest asset: Partnerships with the best software publishers and experience of large-scale, critical computerization projects for the largest of organizations.

Totally computerize an end-to-end business process!

The challenge? To fully optimize an entire business process (HR, customer relationship management…) by computerizing it 100%.

The solution? Boost > Paperless processing: Integrating end-to-end computerized process management solutions, from document scanning to on-line procedures, EDM, archiving, and business process optimization.
Bull’s greatest asset: Experience of major process computerization projects and in-depth expertise in all the relevant technologies.

Implement probative value archiving!

The challenge? To address both legal and productivity issues by managing them throughout the information life cycle, for the whole information system!

The solution? Boost > Archiving: Implementing a unified probative value archiving solution, taking output from all the various EDM solutions put in place by the business. Bull’s greatest asset: Experience of big archiving projects and in-depth expertise in all the relevant technologies, from storage to EDM and security.

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Interview with Michel Rauche, responsible for the Paperless Processing offering in Bull International and Business Development
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