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Paperless Processing

Optimize your business processes.
For too long, paperless electronic services has been reduced to scanning paper. Reinvent 100% digital processes to optimize and control your information streams.

In partnership with Alphinat, Bull integrates the SmartGuide™ solution for your paperless processing and online processes.

Creating e-procedures

Challenges in this field are:

  • The user at the heart of the Information System
    • Users have to make their approaches/services/requests based on their situation: users have to follow a path by means of a dialogue based on their personal circumstances.
  • Responsiveness in online applications / modifications to approaches/services/requests
    • Functional people involved can perform the approaches themselves
    • A form can be put online very quickly (e.g. less than 24 hours)
  • Transversality in Information Systems
    • Be able to send and track requests generated using user dialogues within the relevant structures and applications
    • Secure exchanges with these structures depending on the sensitivity of these exchanges

The electronic services platform offered by Bull is a high performance, industrial platform making available a suite of integrated tools designed to create an ’end-to-end’ online service, from expression of the need to putting it online.

plateforme dematerialisation

How does the factory work?

First you have a manufacturing plant that builds the different components of an approach: user dialogue (with SmartGuide™ Designer from Alphinat), data streams to be produced, PDF documents to be produced, application services to be used and configuration parameters for the approach.

When the approach has been constructed, it is deployed on an execution module. The execution module is responsible for carrying out the approach, connected to the user portal, for example to fill in information on a form.
The execution module includes SmartGuide™ server and all the generic application services, such as functions to submit and transmit the request.

When the user request is submitted, the tracking module will send this request to all organisations affected and will feed information about the request back to the portal, to the user’s private account or to another communication channel, such as e-mail.

Responsiveness in manufacturing and deployment of an approach, as well as acknowledgement and automatic routing to organisations, is a real advantage for users and for businesses or government departments.

Our offer responds to:

  • Time saving: agile, rapid and simple implementation
  • Responsive and Independent delivery of approaches
  • Flexible integration: by deploying web applications that combine disparate data sources and processes
  • High-performance, interoperable platform
  • End-to-end services: Receive/Send necessary information from/to the IS
  • Simplicity in use for the user: user-focused and personalised input
  • Cost reduction and modernisation of organisations

An online service is a process driven by user need. Whether it is an administrative approach, signing up to a contract, requesting a quotation, an order or a questionnaire or a meeting, the electronic services platform enables a personalised and dynamic relationship to be established with the user. Their electronic request will also be sent electronically to the appropriate recipient to deal with this request, whether this is a business application in an information system or an employee of this organisation.

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