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Paperless Processing

Optimize your business processes.
For too long, paperless electronic services has been reduced to scanning paper. Reinvent 100% digital processes to optimize and control your information streams.

Although clients Bull are very different, they all share the same imperative to have systems with high performance and high security to innovate and grow faster than their competitors. Architect of an Open World, Bull has the unique ability to remain at the forefront of best global technologies, to make a powerful digital business development.

Marseille City Council chooses Bull to supply dematerialization solution

First port in the Mediterranean and France’s second largest city, the city of Marseille entrusts Bull to optimize information manage¬ment at every stage of the council’s administrative and business processes. Bull implements a cross-departmental electronic document management, based on a shared platform. For each new application, the system not only manages all digitized public documents (invitations to tender, council proceedings, orders, invoices, expenditure receipts...) in a consistent way – via municipal portals and applications – but also stores and archives them centrally, all based on Alfresco technologies. The expected result? More fluid and powerful control of the administrative procedures used to manage an annual budget of €1.86 billion.

The DIMAP calls on Bull to help implement a new approach to on-line public service delivery

As part of its role to modernize the way that the French State operates and is managed, the State Modernization Agency, the DIMAP (Direction interministérielle pour la modernisation de l’action publique) has chosen Bull to develop a new 'factory' for the creation and optimization of new approaches to on-line services. Putting government services on line involves implementing a generic platform which takes into account the constant evolution of on-line services offerings and responds to extremely demanding constraints in terms of timescales, security and costs. Bull and its partners have been chosen to define the functionality of the 'on-line services factory' which will guarantee this kind of agility. The 'factory' will consist of five functional areas: dialogue and recording of requests, submission of requests, monitoring of requests, supervision and administration. It will enable new computerized services to be automatically designed, formalized and put on line.

In Brazil, Banco do Brasil chooses Bull to supply multi-document processing solution

In December 2010, Bull Latin America signed a contract with Banco do Brasil (the State-controlled Brazilian bank and the biggest bank in Brazil) to supply products and services for a turnkey financial and non-financial document processing solution, using distributed document image capture, automatic image identification and classification, automatic data extraction using OCR[1] and ICR[2] technologies, signature verification, document formatting, data extraction and legacy systems integration for business transactions. This is a classic, although highly complex, example of a paperless system. The project involves the deployment of both the main and back-up document processing centers within the bank’s data centers, with distributed document capture units all over the country (in 5,000 branches) connected via networks.

Bull simplifies purchase orders for the City of Liège

Following an invitation to tender, Liège City Council awarded Bull the contract to provide an enhanced Internet application for purchase order management, accessible via a web browser from anywhere. The application tracks the order from the point where it is created right through to when the invoice is received and then paid. The computerization of Liège City Council’s purchase orders was a three-stage project. The first stage involved developing all the screens, and this was followed by establishing the links with the Council’s accounting systems. The third and last stage, which is still on-going, involves creating the links with billing systems. Overall, the project represents about a year of work.

Nancy University Hospital enters the era of neutral image archiving

Bull – along with its partner – was chosen to integrate the chosen functional solution EMC OSA, put in place the appropriate infrastructure and support the Hospital in its innovative approach. The hospital was keen to improve the overall performance of its data storage and archiving, which is expected to grow to almost 24 Terabytes a year by 2014. So it decided to embark on a new approach, marking a further step in its progress, to introduce ‘neutral archiving’, independent of its PACS solution. This represents a significant functional development, setting the Hospital firmly on the road to full-scale information lifecycle management (ILM).


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