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Data Warehousing, Operational intelligence

The many functions (OLTP database, OLAP cubes, ETL, connectors, reporting, etc.), performance and capacity of Microsoft® SQL Server® meet today's data warehousing needs, from simple solutions that are gaining in popularity with SMEs to very large-scale infrastructures.

A powerful combination of tools and know-how
The success of data warehouse projects relies on achieving a delicate balance between business considerations and technical choices.
This is why an efficient, robust and fully-functioning Data Warehouse requires the kind of combination offered by Bull and Microsoft®: efficient software tools and state-of-the-art expertise.

Bull appliances: integrated solutions
Bull has developed recognized expertise in the specific challenges of Data Warehousing. Bull has capitalized on this expertise by creating a dedicated Competence Center. Bull Fast Track is an integrated offer which includes all the tools needed for Business Intelligence based on SQL Server® Fast Track Data Warehouse, the standard SMP architecture defined by Microsoft®.

Bull has applied its industrial know-how to enhancing the Fast Track specifications, creating a range of appliances running under SQL Server® and providing ready-to-use high-performance Data Warehouse solutions. Finally, for very large-scale systems, Bull's expertise in massively parallel architectures – resulting from Extreme Computing – enables its customers to make the most of SQL Server® Parallel Data Warehouse.

Critical infrastructures

As a long-standing partner of public authorities, institutions and large companies, Bull is a recognized specialist in the design and production of large-scale IT infrastructures. The scope and complementarity of its methodological competences and technological expertise mean that Bull is able to build systems to meet the key demands of its clients: performance, high availability, security, scalability, management of heterogeneous systems and energy consumption, etc.

A wide range of technologies
The close collaboration between Bull and Microsoft® extends from operating systems to databases (especially on ERP projects), security (Active Directory), messaging (Exchange), portals and collaboration processes (Sharepoint), application development (.Net) and workstations.

Virtualization and databases: key areas of excellence
Bull uses Microsoft® solutions to fulfill customer requirements in terms of infrastructure consolidation and rationalization. Bull has developed an expertise center focused on virtualization consulting and implementation of the Microsoft® Hyper-V™ hypervisor, as well as on databases for its customers' business-critical applications using Microsoft SQL Server®.

This know-how in complex infrastructures based on Microsoft® technologies also extends to their maintenance and operation, since Bull proposes advanced support, hosting and outsourcing services (including software license management).

Extreme Computing

As a major player in very high-performance computing, Bull has specifically designed its bullx range for Extreme Computing. Based on standard technologies, bullx blade systems are designed for all kinds of use and requirements.

Getting the best from Windows® HPC Server with bullx
Microsoft® is also firmly committed to this promising sector. bullx is designed to work with all kinds of environments and helps to get the best from Windows® HPC Server and the many computing, simulation and analysis applications that run in Microsoft® environments. Bull has long been working on the possibility of getting several operating systems to run on the same cluster; such installations open up new possibilities of use and enable consolidation of computing resources.

Bringing scientific computing to the working environment
Bull and its subsidiaries, such as Serviware in France, boast some of Europe's largest teams of scientific computing experts, providing end-to-end assistance for their customers' highly technical projects. These may involve defining IT architectures, configuring and deploying solutions or optimizing codes.

Bull is also able to integrate computing tools with the rest of the information system, particularly in Microsoft® environments. Bull's Extreme Computing Competence Center helps customers to size, test and validate the solutions proposed.

Behind the scenes of Planet 51
One of the movie events of the year, the animated 3D feature Planet 51 – which set new standards for the genre – was produced in Spain by Ilion Animation Studios, using a Bull supercomputer running Windows®. The system, deployed by Bull and Tangram, was specifically optimized for the latest generation graphics rendering software. The extremely high speed delivered by the system enabled the 300 or so people working on the movie to collaborate in real-time.

Cloud Computing

Resources on demand
Bull's subsidiary, Agarik, specialized in the hosting of critical Web applications, has launched Cloud Maker, an innovative public cloud computing solution for SMEs. As a package, Cloud Maker is easy to configure, offering organizations access to cost-effective, ready-to-use virtual resources for their on-line applications (web, messaging, etc.). Cloud Maker on-demand dynamically adapts to needs and delivers all cloud computing services (supervision, management, dedicated support team, etc.).

A platform based on Hyper-V™
The Cloud Maker platform is based on the Microsoft® Hyper-V™ hypervisor, which enables management of both Windows® and Open Source-based virtual environments. The whole solution is built using Microsoft® technologies, whose integration enables the delivery of efficient, flexible and secure services. Agarik's Cloud Maker offers SMEs a Cloud Computing option with customized services to go with it.

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