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Together with Sinequa, Bull mobilizes its expertise on high performance platforms to enable new real-time Big Data experience.

The bullion-Sinequa platform has achieved unmatched performance and reached a capacity of 100 billion records and performed 10 million indexed records per second.
The bullion-Sinequa solution gives their full dimension to Unified Information Access scenarios, such as:

  • Deploy a global 360° view strategy
  • Find instantly the right experts for customer projects
  • Finding sense in Big Data

“Bull & Sinequa provide our customers with a unique instrument for operational excellence and innovation”, said Pierre Barnabé, Chief Operating Officer, Bull.

“We are pleased to bring today our joint offering to our respective customers, with high performance and deep analysis of big data, creating true value for enterprises”, said Alexandre Bilger, CEO, Sinequa.

About Sinequa

Sinequa provides a real-time Big Data Search & Analytics platform for Fortune Global 2000 companies and government agencies. It offers users Unified Information Access to all textual and database data, supported by powerful analytics. Strong visualization enables intuitive and conversational discovery of actionable information.

Built on 25 years of research in natural language processing (NLP), the company provides powerful Content Analytics, combining semantic analysis in 19 languages with statistical analysis, to extract relevant information from all kinds of data: textual data from documents, emails, Websites, and social networks, and database data, e.g. from enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, Finance, HR, etc.

Sinequa scales to manage hundreds of thousands of users and billions of documents and database records. Its high performance architecture offers real-time insight into business information extracted from Big Data.

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