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Bull’s totally modular and customizable solutions provide an advanced application security platform featuring PKI, Web services security, e-signature, time stamping and electronic safe facilities. So you can introduce new services with complete confidence.

MetaPKI: Certificates and identity management to secure applications

Information systems security is an essential issue for organisations moving to paperless exchanges, whether for internal communications or for relationships with partners and customers. Electronic certificates respond to this need as they allow applications to support security services such as user authentication, non repudiation of transactions, and confidentiality of data exchanges. Bull, a European leader in IT security, provides MetaPKI, a complete solution to create electronic certificates and manage their life cycle. MetaPKI supports the following functional entities: Certification Authorities, Registration Authorities and/or Local Registration Authority (RA and/or LRA), Revocation Services, Publication Services, Key Escrow and Key Recovery Services. It also supports the following optional entities: a Card Management System and a validation authority. Learn more >

MetaSIGN: signature creation and verification to secure transactions

In a context where organisations are moving to paperless transactions, it is necessary to electronically sign documents and to be able to verify the signatures of these signed documents. Once a signature has been verified, it is essential to maintain the validity of that signature whatever the conditions may be. To answer this need, Bull provides MetaSIGN, an overall solution to create and verify electronic signatures. MetaSIGN supports the following functions: signature creation, immediate verification and augmentation, subsequent verification, signature and document conservation (SDC). Learn more >

MetaTIME: a reliable time-stamping solution for transactions and archives

Organisations moving to digital exchanges, whether for internal communications or for relationships with partners or customers, may be required to demonstrate that certain transactions or actions occurred before a given date and time. The use of a time-stamp token (TST) which includes a trusted date and time associated with the document provides an element of proof. The Bull solution: MetaTIME, a service to create timestamp tokens. MetaTIME supports one or more TSUs that are administered by a single time-stamping authority (TSA). Each TSU supports one time-stamping policy. MetaTIME uses the time-stamp protocol (TSP) defined in RFC 3161 to deliver the TSTs. Learn more >

VeriCert: centralizing the validation of public key certificates

Public Key certificates allow applications to integrate security services such as user authentication, non repudiation of transactions, or confidentiality of data exchanges. The validity of these certificates needs to be verified at the time of their use, for non repudiation and data confidentiality. To answer this need, Bull provides VeriCert, a complete solution based on customized validation to validate electronic certificates.

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Public Key Infrastructure
P-J. Aubourg
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By Pierre-Jean Aubourg, Director of Bull’s Payments Systems and Public Key Infrastructure division