End to end services to guaranty compatibility,
performance and availability of IT infrastructure and

The Bull Service Assurance offering is structured around three main areas, all aimed at guaranteeing the compatibility, performance and availability of IT infrastructures and services for IT Departments.

Service Assurance

Guaranteed performance with Bull Vision unified monitoring services : these services offer integrated real-time monitoring of service levels, on a subscription basis, from the Bull Service Assurance Center. They provide an integrated and comprehensive view of the performance of all layers of the IT infrastructure - physical, virtual and Cloud - from energy data right through to the user experience. And they cover all the various infrastructure components (networks, servers, storage) and intermediate layers (DBMS, middleware, buses).

Bull Vision services are based on three key elements:

  • The production of alerts, dashboards and personalized reports, providing accurate information about service performance via a secure portal
  • Analyses and recommendations, from a dedicated technical expert
  • Access to expertise, to analyze trends, carry out correlation analyses, anticipate potential points of failure and support the IT Department in evolving its IT services to a more mature level.

Bull has developped a dedicated approach for DCIM .
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Guaranteed availability with industrial-scale high-availability services : Bull offers a range of services designed to support even the most complex and mission-critical systems. The Bull Service Assurance Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and the in-depth expertise of a dedicated team of specialists. It offers very high-availability remote services, 24x7, including continuous analysis of system behaviour and remote monitoring of system operations, critical applications, messaging and Web environments.

Optimizing your system availability with unified maintenance services . Through a dedicated business unit, Bull offers unified maintenance contracts and multi-vendor support for continuous performance improvement throughout the lifecycle of an IT infrastructure. Taking a customized approach to management and project-based organization, Bull puts in place the key drivers for cost management, focusing on proactive approaches, with the implementation of remote monitoring solutions and remote maintenance, as well as infrastructure optimization (energy analysis, consolidation, remediation...).

These services draw on an organization structure that combines industrial-scale resources, technological know-how and services:

  • High level, multi-vendor maintenance expertise
  • Access to all Bull's expertise in system architecture, as well as its R&D and support centers
  • Quality management, based on best practice (repositories and certification programs)
  • Extensive network of local offices and resources, available at an international level
  • Industrial-scale international resources, including the Service Assurance Center and User Call Center, accessible 24x7.

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Guaranteed compatibility:.if availability is guaranteed by the highest levels of service, it is also threatened each time the infrastructure evolves. This stems directly from the increasing complexity of IT, where with every new link in the chain results in greater interdependence. Our experts help the IT Department to control the impact of change on IT services, with a structured change management methodology including environment audits, recommendations on how to align the various links in the chain, the definition of technical and quality standards, the development of a compatibility matrix, as well as operational management and implementation


Brochure services d'infrastructure
Service Assurance Brochure Meet the challenge of operational excellence

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