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10 key reasons to choose Bull for your software support

  1. 24x7 call handling and incident logging via Internet. Take advantage of the highest levels of responsiveness.
  2. Call-back within the hour for urgent matters. An expert in your area and your software environment will be there to provide support, within a matter of minutes.
  3. Multi-vendor liaison and support trails. Guaranteed peace of mind, no matter what software layer in your applications is affected.
  4. Single point of contact for all hardware and software support calls. Reap all the benefits of a global approach to support.
  5. Personalized incident tracking. A Technical Account Manager and a dedicated Web site are there to support you.
  6. Reassurance from vendors through their partnerships with Bull or – by default – the customer's support contract. Get the most from a team-oriented approach to support, including Bull and all your key vendors.
  7. Comprehensive consultancy service. Bull's offering is about much more than just support: from up-front consulting, to preventing monitoring, performance audits and architecture updates.
  8. Unique expertise in Open Source. Dedicated, industrial-scale software support center, drawing on over 20 years experience in the worlds of both proprietary and Open Source software.
  9. Incidents closed only by express agreement of the customer. So long as you have not validated and approved the solution, your incident remains open.
  10. Access to all the resources of the entire Bull Group. Call on a whole world of experts, in almost 50 countries.

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