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Microsoft support

A dedicated Microsoft support center

Bull's Microsoft support center provides a complete range of services to support users who are implementing Microsoft solutions in many different software environments. The engineers at the support center specialize in supporting multi-vendor environments and are Microsoft certified professionals. Bull provides a wide range of services, accessible 24x7 with Web access, tools and remote diagnosis, platforms to operate facilities that replicate anomalies, and professional, structured call-handling and escalation procedures.

Bull, a unique Microsoft partner

Bull has been actively co-operating with Microsoft for many years to address businesses' needs in terms of implementing, supporting and operating IT infrastructures and solutions. As a result, our technical teams benefit from a unique close relationship with software vendor and Open Source environments, which means they have an unusually rich wealth of skills. This unique expertise has led to the signing of a strategic agreement between Bull and Microsoft in the area of interoperability.

A value added services offering

This high added-value, one-off service draws on a wealth of experience built up by our experts:

  • Upgrading to new versions of Windows, Exchange and SQL-Server
  • 'Critical point analysis', in preparation for a system migration
  • Global inventory of sources of problems, points of similarity and scalability of services
  • Making available the know-how, processes and skills needed for the successful running of a project, in order to preserve the system and maintain production

The Bull Healthcheck uses experience gained by our experts, who have observed the way that hundreds of Microsoft environments operate over the years.
As a result of contact with customer users and systems administrators on the one hand, and Microsoft support and R&D centers on the other, our experts have developed a comprehensive approach enabling them to carry out a detailed diagnosis of the 'health' of a Microsoft environment. This involves:

  • Gathering all the information needed to analyze and diagnose how robust your Microsoft solution is
  • A one-off evaluation or your system or application, aimed at detecting any major weaknesses or potential risk points.

The Bull Baseline involves gathering all the information at a particular moment in time ('T') and creating a reference model of the Microsoft solution which is in place. This 'snapshot' subsequently becomes a baseline, which makes it easier to diagnose and resolve problems if the system performance begins to degrade. It also acts as a basis for support services during major migrations.

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