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StoreWay solutions enable organizations to store and access
their information assets, in order to increase Business agility
and efficiency, and to be compliant with statutory requirements.

StoreWay solutions enable organizations to store and access their information assets , in order to increase Business agility and efficiency, and to be compliant with statutory requirements.

" Organisations use less that 5% of available information and have no solution to access the rest."

Forrester Research


Due to the speed of business today and the huge amounts of data generated or processed in very specialized sectors such as education & research, healthcare or multimedia, organizations must find new ways to take advantage of their information assets. Recent advances in storage management, network speed and computing enable companies to leverage their capital of Big Data and gain a competitive advantage.

Forrester Research estimates that organizations effectively use less than 5 percent of their available data. Simply because the rest is too expensive to exploit. Big Data technologies are an important step, because they allow organizations to access the remaining 95 percent in an efficient and affordable way. Imagine the case of two competing companies, if one uses 15 percent of its information value and the other only 5 percent, which one will win? Leveraging the Digital Capital of an organization means embracing its different activities in a global view, to develop, refine and refocus its business. It is a way to better identify risks, to streamline supply chains, to understand customers and develop new products, services or business models. It is simply a necessity when processing medical images or 3D animation objects.

IT infrastructures must be able to store bigger volumes and many types of data while controlling costs. The rate of data renewal is also to be taken into account. Big Data infrastructures must distribute data processing closer to the users to avoid saturating the network. The distribution of data processing to provide input to analysis tools and real-time responses is a real challenge for the organizations.

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File and email data are fuelling data growth averaging over 30% percent a year in organizations of all sizes and in all sectors of activity. And yet, studies indicate that over 60% of this data has not been consulted for over a year!

This impacts cost, risk and service levels as primary storage needs grow unchecked. Data backup compounds the problem with typically 10-15 backup copies of each piece of primary storage data. This puts pressure on backup windows and secondary storage resources. Attempts to control spiraling data volumes by using techniques such as email quotas can have the opposite effect to that intended by forcing users to archive mailboxes to their laptops which are not systematically protected, thus increasing the probability of data loss and non-compliance with data preservation regulations.

Bull archiving solutions enable cost reduction by offloading the 60% of dormant data on primary storage, then by dividing by at least 2 the protection costs. It protects your information assets thus eliminating the risk of losing emails stored in laptop and helps you being compliant with your email regulations (internal & external). They leverage end user and email server productivity while making a recovery plan possible.

StoreWay email and archiving solutions treat the problem at the root. Storage audit services identify key issues and priorities for remedial action, with an identified ROI. By classifying data and associating archive policies such as data age, size, type, owner and retention period, data can be transparently moved to archive media that has lower cost, and is better adapted to the needs of long-term data archiving.

This has an immediate impact on the amount of primary storage that is required, and mechanically reduces the data backup window and reduces tenfold the amount of backup storage required.

Data archiving serves no purpose if archive data cannot be found and recovered rapidly by end users and compliance managers. That is why StoreWay email and archiving solutions provide features such as Content Indexing, self-service recovery and full auditing of all movements of file and email data to and from archive media.


StoreWay Calypso
StoreWay Calypso

Backup & Recovery

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Backup & Recovery for VMware infrastructures

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Storage in a Citrix Virtual Desktop Environment

Does storage really matter in a VDI project ?

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