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StoreWay solutions combine technologies,
processes and expertise, in a holistic approach
to data protection, adapted to your Business.

StoreWay solutions address the multiple issues associated with Backup and Disaster Recovery in virtualized environments.

‘The volume of data created and replicated throughout the world reached 1.8 zetabytes (1.8 trillion GB) in 2011, a growth by a factor of 9 in 5 years’ IDC 2011


It is clear that for all companies, whether public or private, today’s challenge is to integrate the volume and diversity of data, to ensure adequate protection and provide value to users in their different activities, while controlling investments and operational costs (Capex & Opex). Without a complete view of data across storage classes and resources, it is impossible to understand properly how they are structured. StoreWay solutions address data protection with a holistic approach, which maximizes efficiency, avoids complexity and costs associated with managing multiple silos.

To support this approach, Bull StoreWay has selected :


StoreWay offers global and proven solutions that address both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, including consistency snapshots, point-in-time recovery and remote bandwidth optimization.

StoreWay’s solutions propose in a comprehensive set of tools the capability to address both local copy and remote replication, enhanced with bookmarked data journalization and long distance link management.

It may include assessments, to help the customer evaluate business needs and risks. These initial strategic level assessments will be the basis of future technical choices, as well as architecture and methodology design.

The SLA catalog is built in accordance with company needs and business priorities. Adapted to customer requirements, the solution does not come ' off the shelf', and fits each customer-specific context.

Implementation & administration are made easy on a 'set it and forget it' basis, and simplicity will be the key success factor when switching to a recovery situation. Training workload of IT teams and users is limited.

The solution can be regularly tested with minimal effort. Test policies are easy to set up and will be totally realistic as test campaigns are run using real local or distant copies, just as real recovery operations should be performed. During test campaigns, replication process is not impacted and remains fully operational.

Moreover, local or remote copies can be used for data mining or advanced application tests purposes while replication processes remains active.

Backups may take benefit of this availability of copies, considered then as stable snapshots, as an answer to deal with reduced backup windows.

For WAN intersite links, the solution improves link use and reduces strongly the bandwidth required. It then allows to save or share available bandwidth, or to downgrade to a cheaper link.

This contributes to creating a very high confidence in success, if unfortunately, a disaster should occur. The solution leaves you spare cash and optimizes investments and requested service level is respected, without need for any compromises on the disaster recovery solution.

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Storage is the critical foundation to fully maximize the benefits of VMware virtualization, while perfectly managing risks. Leveraging decades of storage know how in Data Center environments for mainframes, high-end UNIX servers, and Intel Servers, as well as partnerships with leading storage manufacturers and software vendors, plus strong implementation and support capabilities, StoreWay helps you to design and operate storage infrastructures perfectly aligned with your business requirements.

StoreWay’s VMware solutions capitalize on the global Data Centre strategy. Cost savings, flexibility, efficiency, optimal resource usage are the fruit of perfectly integrated Data Centre IT infrastructures. StoreWay enables a seamless integration of VMware‘s storage infrastructure in the existing IT environment, to leverage common practices, resources and management tools. StoreWay enables all VMware benefits, while avoiding the pitfalls of isolated VMware silos.

For your virtualized servers, StoreWay:

  • Delivers adaptive infrastructures, with controlled QoS (Quality of Service) with room for future needs
  • Designs and commits on trusted infrastructures, from next-day recovery to “Five 9s” availability
  • Enables flexible storage provisioning and management, aligned with VMware flexibility
  • Minimizes purchasing and operation costs, preserves investments

Simplifies and secures the transition and deployment of new technologies, with your in-house skills


Backup & Recovery for VMware infrastructures
Backup & Recovery for VMware infrastructures

Bull StoreWay Solution

Backup & Recovery for VMware infrastructures
Backup & Recovery for VMware infrastructures

Virtual is not physical, why you should care?

Advanced Data protection for VMware
Advanced Data protection for VMware

Bull StoreWay Solution

Advanced Data Protection for VMware
Advanced Data Protection for VMware

Effective application recovery in a virtual environment

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