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Because there will always be people behind our machines, Bull and EMC have created the StoreWay EMC Solution Center, that unites a team to design and manage your storage projects - from A to Z - in a facility dedicated to customers, willing to experience and evaluate the latest storage technologies and solutions.

Based in the high-technology center of Grenoble in the French Alps, the Bull StoreWay EMC Solution Center demonstrates the very latest storage solutions based on EMC technology in a live and interactive environment. Welcoming customers from France and throughout Europe, the Center helps organisations address the major storage issues that they are facing today including managing storage growth, business continuity and data archiving.

For more information on demos and agenda, connect to www.bull.com/storeway/solutioncenter/emc

Demos at Storeway Solution Center

Bull StoreWay EMC Solution Center You'll make them envious
Continuous data protection and DR with EMC RecoverPointDemonstration of data replication to a local or backup site, between heterogeneous storage systems and virtualised storage servers.
Email Archiving with Calypso and CenteraEmail Archiving with StoreWay Calypso & EMC Centera: reduce storage requirements and accelerate email recovery
Backup and Restore in VMware environments The backup and restore of virtual machines, files and applications, adapted to the needs of VMware infrastructures
Disaster Recovery with EMC CLARiiON and VMware SRMAdvanced Disaster Recovery with EMC CLARiiON, EMC MirrorView and VMware Site Recovery Manager: integrated DR of virtual server and storage environments

Reference storage architectures

The Bull StoreWay EMC Solution Center is equipped with the latest storage technologies addressing today’s major storage challenges.

Primary Site (143 TB)

  • 2 Bull NovaScale R460 servers running VMware ESX in cluster, VMs Windows 2003/2008 R2, virtualized Center
  • 1 Bull Escala PL260 server, AIX 6.1 and PowerVM, 1 HMC station
  • 1 Symmetrix VMAX, 37 TB, FC/SATA
  • 1 Symmetrix VMAXe, EFD/FC/SATA
  • 1 CLARiiON CX4-240, with FC/iSCSI, 28 TB, EFD/FC/SATA
  • 1 VNX5700, with FC/FCoE/iSCSI/CIFS/NFS,  disks EFD/FC/SATA
  • 1 VNXe3100
  • 1 Centera / 4 nodes, SATA disks (12 TB), with Ethernet connectivity, 1 CUA
  • 6 Cisco 24 ports Ethernet switches,
  • 2 Brocade 24 ports FC switch 
  • 1  DataDomain DD630
  • 2 RecoverPoint appliances

Backup site (42 TB)

    • 2 Bull NovaScale R460 server running VMware ESX in cluster and VMs Windows 2003/2008R2, virtualized vCenter
    • 1 Bull Escala PL260 server, AIX 6.1 and PowerVM
    • 1 CLARiiON CX4-120, FC/iSCSI
    • 26 TB FC/SATA
    • 1 VNX5300, FC/iSCSI/CIFS/NFS FC/SATA connnections
    • 2 Ethernet Cisco 24 ports switches,
    • 1 Brocade FC 24 ports switch
    • 2 RecoverPoint appliances

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