Duration: 3 hours
Demo: 45 minutes
Location: Grenoble StoreWay Solution Center or remote
Target Audience: IT management and technical specialists


Backup and Restore in Vmware environments
The backup and restore of virtual machines, files and applications, adapted to the needs of VMware infrastructures

The implementation of a virtual server environment requires changes to data backup strategies. A backup environment designed for a physical server and it applications is not necessary efficient in an environment with multiple virtual machines.

In order to take full benefit of a VMware environment, several approaches to data backup and restore are covered during the seminar. Their application for differing service levels, their impact on cost and risk management are also discussed.

Contents and objectives

• presentation of data backup and restore challenges in a VMware infrastructure
• data backup and protection solutions in a VMware environment
• definition of a reference backup architecture, and the impact of VMotion and VMware on the backup process
• integration of EMC CLARiiON storage and the VMware infrastructure: robustness and ease of administration
• value of data deduplication technologies in VMware backup environments
• demonstration of the Bull StoreWay Calypso solution: granular backup and restore


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