January 6, Feb. 8, March 8, 2011

Duration: 3 hours
Demo: 45 minutes
Location: Grenoble StoreWay Solution Center or remote
Target Audience: IT management and technical specialists


Email Archiving
Email Archiving with StoreWay Calypso and EMC Centera:
reduce storage requirements and accelerate email recovery

During the implementation of new IT projects, the challenges are to reduce
project risk, minimise implementation time, and maximise the use of project
resources. This demonstration shows how the StoreWay Calypso data
management suite and EMC Centera Content Addressable Storage (CAS)
can deliver a rich email archiving solution that integrates seamlessly and quickly
with your existing Microsoft Exchange environment.

The demonstration shows how you can free up storage space and reduce
Microsoft Exchange e-mail recovery times by providing an e-mail recording
management solution that generates full text indexes in real-time and archives
e-mail instant messages and attachments.

Content and objectives

• Presentation of the StoreWay Calypso   Exchange archiving functionality
• Presentation of the EMC Centera networked   storage system, specifically designed to store   and provide fast, easy access to fixed   and variable content.
• The message archiving architecture
• A live archiving demonstration:
    - Archiving of e-mail and attachments based on message archiving policy:
      message age, message size, attachment filtering
    - Creating user-defined archive lists from the Microsoft Outlook client
    - Transparent user access to archive data


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