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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

Security and efficiency at Nantes hospital

The project – known as Gaïa (in English: Directory, Identity and Access Management) – was launched in practical terms in 2010. It involved totally starting again from scratch when it came to identity management. This involved managing identity and access to IT systems whilst taking account the contractual commitments made by staff to the hospital. Evidian’s solution was chosen for the project, with its parent company, Bull, delivering the systems integration.

Austrian state hospital deploys Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian, a Bull’s company and the European identity and access management leader, today announced that its Enterprise SSO offer is being used by all 1800 clinicians and staff members of Austria’s Villach Regional Hospital. These healthcare professional access their work environment and applications via a single smart-card based strong authentication. With Evidian Enterprise SSO, the hospital ensures that access to confidential health data is protected via the clinician’s personal authentication, which ensures that patient privacy rights are respected and improves clinical safety.

Bull’s latest success stories in the Belgian healthcare sector

A number of Belgian healthcare establishments have called on Bull’s know-how in IT security. The Single Sign-On (SSO) offering from Bull’s subsidiary Evidian has been especially well received. This tool is used to protect access to many different applications, via a single user authentication process. he Algemeen Ziekenhuis (AZ) Sint-Blasius hospital in Dendermonde, the regional hospital of La Citadelle in Liège, and the Entité Jolimontoise all placed orders with Bull towards the end of 2010, most notably for security solutions; reaffirming Bull’s solid reputation in the healthcare market.

Evidian secures access to health data

25 healthcare establishments in the North of France choose Bull and its subsidiary Evidian to secure access to health data. The contract covers the purchase, implementation and maintenance of an access control solution featuring strong authentication based on digital certificates, as well as associated program management services for the 25 healthcare establishments from across the region who are members of the ‘Access and authentication’ procurement consortium being coordinated by the inter-hospital healthcare IT syndicate in Nord-Pas de Calais (SiiH 59/62), as part of the move to comply with the French government’s ‘confidentiality’ directive.

Belgian healthcare group calls on Bull to a value-added hospital IT solution

The Entité Jolimontoise turned to Bull to implement a Single Sign-On (SSO) for IT users. The first phase of the project is currently under way. A second stage will involve introducing strong authentication, using a physical identification method such as a Digipass or smart card, which will really allow, medical and nursing staff and paramedics to access a central information platform about the patient from literally anywhere, in total security. These vital projects are building the foundations for more open and scalable IT systems, that will be capable of taking full advantage of the benefits of Cloud computing in the coming years, for example.

The Agglomeration Community of Pays Voironnais protects the personal data of its citizens.

Agglomeration Community has therefore decided to seek a single sign-on solution to simplify, but also secure accesses. The privacy of residents in effect required streamlining password management while retaining the history of access attempts.
After examining several single sign-on products, including the native Citrix solution, the Agglomeration Community chose Evidian Enterprise SSO. The strong points: the additional load on Citrix servers is very low, ramp-up and administration are simple, the functions of the solution are regularly updated and it is possible to evolve later towards full identity management. Finally, this solution is very light in terms of infrastructure requirements.
Enterprise SSO fits simply in the Agglomeration Community's virtual desktop in thin client mode - it facilitates it use, but only for authorized persons.

Safety and efficiency for Villach State Hospital (Austria).

To ensure that its 1800 staff have secure and easy access to the clinical applications, LKH Villach decided to introduce strong authentication and the Enterprise SSO solution from Evidian.
A proof of concept of the Evidian solution showed that it could easily be integrated into the clinical environment and daily clinical processes, and that the current security and service requirements are met in full. The extensive functionality and the scope for development mean that the investment is future proof.
The introduction of the Evidian Enterprise SSO
solution eliminates the awkward password entry and management aspects for clinical staff.Strong authentication makes access to applications and data more secure, and the audit and reporting function guarantees traceability.

G4S choose the Evidian’s SSO solution.

Our business sector is very competitive, and G4S has high middle management turnover. It became crucial to reinforce access security in order to avoid information leakage to our competitors.
Moreover, we had to comply with the group's security recommendations and specifications, which are generally stricter than the security requirements in France."
Evidian's Enterprise SSO offer has been chosen, which brings in extended SSO functions that work with all types of architectures such as LDAP directories and multi-directories, PCs that do not run Windows 2000 or XP, and thin client PCs. Moreover, it is a gateway to advanced functions such as identity management and provisioning. The SSO solution works with a smart card system, with
deployment of a PKI.
The Evidian solution enabled us to meet our group's security requirements within a very short time.
The reasons: it is a modular, simple and all-in-one offer. Security is ensured and audited within our information system.

NHS Trust secures access and improves staff efficiency.

Managing over 3,800 staff who each require access to up to 12 different healthcare applications on a day-to-day basis to carry out key services, the Trust recognised that having to remember multiple passwords was placing a burden on its staff and IT support team.
Enterprise SSO, a single sign-on solution was implemented as it met the Trust’s key requirements for security and flexibility; fit their network setup and complied with data security standards. It was also the most cost effective and scalable solution for future requirements.
The solution enables staff to login to 12 unique healthcare applications by enabling authorised clinical and admin staff from all wards to simultaneously login with a single user ID and password instead of having to remember multiple passwords for different applications.

EADS Astrium, 1rst provider of space technologies in Europe launches a deployment with Evidian

Astrium (a subsidiary of EADS) is Europe’s #1 provider of space technologies and the worldwide #3.
EADS Astrium deployed Evidian Enterprise SSO internally, along with Evidian’s provisioning system. On user’s stations, Evidian’s software provides single sign-on access to client/server and web applications, while Evidian User Provisioning automates account creation, management and removal. In addition, two secure web portals were established, based on Evidian’s Web Access Manager. With the first portal, partners access web resources with client-less SSO. The second portal is designed for EADS Astrium employees. After an exhaustive market study, Evidian was chosen for its ability to provide all needed features within a coherent, integrated environment.

A psychiatric hospital maintains the confidentiality of patient records.

The primary mission of EPSM (Public Institution of Mental Health) in Morbihan, France, is to provide psychiatric care for children, adults and seniors.
EPSM Morbihan has therefore deployed a Citrix based virtualized architecture to realize substantial savings on IT investment.
EPSM Morbihan therefore decided to strengthen security while eliminating the constraints of passwords, using instead France's CPS healthcare professional smart card for authentication.
EPSM Morbihan selected Evidian Enterprise SSO for its compatibility with the national health professional smart card and its many features specially adapted to hospital activity (kiosk mode, roaming sessions, delegation...)
Enterprise SSO is coupled with Evidian's directory synchronization utility.The solution links every login to a clearly identified health professional.

A large investment bank secures its trading desks

Natixis’ 750 traders buy and sell a large amount of financial instruments to support the bank’s corporate and investment banking, investment activity and specialized financial services. As trading is a core strategic process, Natixis closely supervises traders with internal controls.
Through Evidian’s integration with Hitachi’s VeinID finger vein authentication, traders
authenticate without carrying any devices. This gives them flexibility and fast access to the stations in their trading desk. And with Evidian’s single sign-on, assistants and traders do not need to enter any application password, enhancing productivity.
Still, by analyzing suspicions of fraud in other banks, Natixis realized that authentication was a weak link in the control chain.
Evidian was selected for its Authentication Manager and Enterprise SSO software.
The combined solution was the most satisfactory in terms of reliability, features and regulatory compliance.

Senegal's leading telecom operator facilitates and secures IT access.

Sonatel, Senegal's first telephone company, now provides telephone (land and cellular), internet, television and data services to over 5 million customers in Africa. A 42% owned subsidiary of France Telecom, Sonatel is Senegal's leading telecom company and has become the top provider of mobile telephone services in Mali.
Until now, administrators had to update accounts on a case by case basis, with 5 to 7 applications per user. And each employee had to manage as many passwords on a daily basis. Sonatel's general managers therefore decided to invest in an overall identity and access management solution.
Sonatel selected Evidian's offer. The functional criteria were met and Evidian was able to demonstrate its hands-on experience in the telecommunications market.
From now on, this solution will let Sonatel manage its users and assign them access rights to resources in a uniform, universal, and quick fashion.

25 healthcare establishments choose Bull Evidian to secure access to health data

25 healthcare establishments in the North of France choose Bull and its subsidiary Evidian to secure access to health data. Following a 15-month competitive tendering process involving two other nationally recognized companies, the Bull-Evidian-Altasys alliance has won a four-year contract with each of the members of the procurement consortium.

The contract covers the purchase, implementation and maintenance of an access control solution featuring strong authentication based on digital certificates, as well as associated program management services for the 25 healthcare establishments from across the region who are members of the ‘Access and authentication’ procurement consortium being coordinated by the inter-hospital healthcare IT syndicate in Nord-Pas de Calais (SiiH 59/62), as part of the move to comply with the French government’s ‘confidentiality’ directive.

sanofi-aventis selects Bull Evidian to secure its workstations

A global pharmaceutical group, sanofi-aventis is mainly involved in pharmacy, human vaccines and animal health. The company is subject to strict requirements in terms of security, confidentiality and data integrity. The 15,000 research and development employees of sanofi-aventis must therefore individually authenticate to a large number of applications.
The Group launched an evaluation of the world’s leading providers of authentication management and SSO. The criteria: the solution must be easy to install and deploy, and be able to integrate a large variety of applications, online medical databases, document management, internal Windows and Unix applications and terminal emulation. After live tests, sanofi-aventis selected Bull Evidian.

Barclays France retains the SSO Evidian solution

Barclays France’s ever-growing staff was finding it difficult to implement its rigorous security rules. Applications were increasing in number, with very diverse technologies. Cases of forgotten passwords and incorrect password attempts were frequent since there were as many passwords as applications. The helpdesk was, therefore, overburdened, resulting in a very high cost in terms of assistance and loss of productivity. At the same time, a strict security policy was reinforced: for instance, complex passwords were to be renewed every month, and workstations locked after 3 incorrect password attempts. After a call for tender to three security-solution providers, Barclays France chose Evidian’s Enterprise SSO.Their solution was the only one that enabled us to deploy SSO and biometrics from only one screen, which simplifies management.Moreover, Evidian provides an effective backup tool in case of biometric system failure.

Hospital AZ Sint Blasius selected its Enterprise SSO EVIDIAN

Bull Evidian, the European leader in identity and access management, announces that hospital AZ Sint Blasius selected its Enterprise SSO solution for all its healthcare and administrative personnel. The hospital’s decision was driven in part by Evidian’s ability to integrate user provisioning and identity management features with its single sign-on solution.
“Evidian’s Enterprise SSO is an excellent fit for AZ Sint Blasius’ core values of security, information, comfort, healthcare quality and speed.” says Dirk De Wachter, ICT and Data Manager. “We are confident that Enterprise SSO will reinforce our security procedures by introducing strong authentication techniques while speeding up access to patient information. So doctors and nurses will deliver quality healthcare services faster.”

Total chooses Bull for its access control security

Total is a leading multinational energy company with over 110,000 employees and operations in more than 130 countries. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, Total is the fourth largest publicly-traded oil and gas integrated company in the world. Total has chosen Bull Evidian Enterprise SSO to simplify password management and secure access to its applications using smart cards. The aim is also to improve usability and security (rigorous user identification, access control according to user profiles, audits and alarms), while at the same time reducing the support costs associated with the management of passwords


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By Hassan Maad, General Manager, Bull Evidian
Total chooses Bull for its access control security
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