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Success stories
Through its insourcing services, Bull supports numerous private and public sector customers in Europe.

Bull wins outsourcing contract for the Vaucluse Fire and Rescue Service information system

The Vaucluse Fire and Rescue Service (or SDIS 84) with headquarters in Avignon, oversees the 54 fire stations in this French department. In a move to rationalize and grow its information system over the next four years, SDIS 84 has asked Bull to host its platforms, operate and carry out third-party application maintenance for its existing applications.
The contract has been defined in a very flexible way to take account of the SDIS’ operating constraints. The customer was keen to take advantage both of the close proximity of Bull’s teams, and the industrial capacity offered by Bull’s outsourcing centers. As a result, Bull will be hosting the platform and providing back-up and monitoring services from its highly secure site near Angers, while the service center at Marseille is to operate and maintain all business applications and the messaging system, via a secure link.

Loire-Brittany Water Agency chooses Bull to operate and modernize its information systems

The Agency has undertaken a vast program to modernize its information systems. It is against this backdrop that it decided to hand over responsibility for running its information systems – as well as user support – to Bull. The aim of this move is to automate and professionalize processes, guarantee service continuity and provide the necessary technical expertise particularly in times of evolution.

Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council calls on Bull to modernize its information system

The Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council is relying on an ambitious IT masterplan to build a reliable information system that delivers significant added value. The system will not only have to meet business needs, but also reflect the global action strategy set out in the ‘Regional Pact.Whether they are designed to support the local population directly or to contribute to the development of innovative business practices within the regional authority, the projects that Bull is carrying out will all contribute significantly to meeting the Region’s objectives: Bull has designed, developed and is responsible for the continued evolution of ‘@gile’, a portal that provides a single interface between high-schools and the Regional Council. Bull was responsible for leading and delivering the SIGEP project: a Business Intelligence system designed to evaluate public services actions and to respond to the needs expressed by the various functions within the Council.


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