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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

Let's "moov" the mobile

Moov is a subsidiary of the Etisalat UAE, Atlantic Telecom and operates in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Niger, Central African Republic and Togo. To centralize and standardize its IT infrastructure to increase robustness, availability and performance, the Group relied on Bull to build its new IT infrastructure based on Escala and EMC storage solutions.

Center for the Development of Enterprise chose Bull for its storage strategy

In order to guarantee optimum availability of applications while keeping costs under control, the CDE had ask Bull Advisory Services to carry out an evaluation of the IT infrastructure. The results of this enabled the potential technological improvements to be identified, to make it as efficient, available and scalable as possible.

A new infrastructure to help the Calvados Council face new challenges

The IT Department at CG14 defined a new masterplan for its information systems and has selected Bull to build an infrastructure and secure technical platform capable of supporting the levels of service demanded by professional users and also sufficiently scaleable to host future projects.

Algerie Poste deploys intelligent franking with Bull

As part of the modernization of postal services in the country, the customer has decided to acquire, implement and deploy a complete franking solution based on ‘intelligent’ franking machines. The Bull postal solution consists of servers and software dedicated to refunds, franking management and franking machines, which will be deployed across the whole country.

Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery for ACTIRIS in Belgium

ACTIRIS, a famous employment agency in the Brussels region has selected Bull to replace its existing Disaster Recovery and Backup system, with a more reliable, efficient and easy to manage system. Bull implemented a backup solution based on StoreWay Calypso, powered by CommVault, and supporting existing backup data. ACTIRIS appreciated Bull expertise and the quality of the partnership.

Erste Bank: Reducing cost and increasing service levels through virtualisation

Erste Bank needed to reduce costs and improve the manageability of its IT infrastructure through the consolidation of 300 Intel servers. There was also a requirement to improve Business Continuity. Bull first delivered a pilot system using VMware and EMC CLARiiON storage then managed the full deployment of the solution based on 500 virtual servers that ensure 99.99% availability of applications.

Data Protection of emails and critical SAP applications for Freudenberg IT

Freudenberg IT has selected Bull to protect diverse Windows environment from PC-based office files and email management to mission-critical SAP applications. The Bull solution protects 80 TB of data generated by 400 PCs and 200 Microsoft Windows servers running Exchange, SQL Server and SAP applications. The data protection solution is based on StoreWay Calypso, powered by CommVault Simpana.

A safe harbour for virtualization in Tunisia

Bull has helped Tunisia’s Merchant Navy and Ports Office (OMMP) to successfully centralize, consolidate and modernize its IT infrastructures, thanks in large part to virtualization. Bull brought together all the necessary expertise and skills at a local level, to build and implement this new virtualized architecture, including all its components, from servers to storage and networks.

Protecting the strategic data in France’s budgetary system

Led by AIFE (l’Agence pour l’informatique financière de l’État), the French State financial IT Agency, the ‘Chorus’ project is aiming to provide a single, common budgetary system for the State, based on SAP. In particular, Bull has been chosen to design, supply and implement the Chorus ultra high-availability infrastructure.

Bull provides infrastructure and back office solutions to Sibelga

Bull provided to Sibelga, distributer of electricity and natural gas to the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region, its infrastructure and back office solutions. In addition to providing and installing 800 Thin Client and 900 monitors, Bull has delivered 2 Bull Escala M6-700 POWER7 servers, 2 EMC² Data Domain and 2 EMC² Celera systems.

NSIA uses its infrastructure to support its strategy

Pioneering African bank-assurer NSIA turns to Bull to support its growth strategy. The need to constantly optimize its infrastructures means the group has opted for a virtualized infrastructure and put in place a comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery plan. And it turned to Bull to deliver the totally integrated solution, consisting of three Bull NovaScale™ (R480 F2) servers, Microsoft Hyper V and EMC for storage.

The Mantes Hospital center is virtualizing its business critical apllications with bullion

The François Quesnay Hospital Center has renewed its IT infrastructure to secure its information system and meet the growing needs in the computerization of services. Bull provided a comprehensive solution based on bullion servers to virtualize and secure x86 applications in two active/active sites. At the same time, Bull managed the evolution of the storage infrastructure towards a solution distributed on two sites with replicated EMC storage bays.

Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA) chooses Bull to supply the majority of its IT infrastructure.

MSA has used Bull Escala large-scale servers for its main production applications running under AIX for a number of years. MSA made the decision to work with Bull not only on its Escala AIX servers, but also its bullion servers and data storage solutions across all six of its production centers.

UNIVERSITY OF COVENTRY: Hybrid storage for the University of Coventry

Working alongside systems provider and partner, EMC, Bull has beaten off strong competition to win a major new contract to deliver a hybrid managed storage solution to Coventry University. Bull will be responsible for consultancy, design, implementation and on-going management of the system. The new approach will offer greater flexibility and a significant increase in capacity over the University’s existing solution, which is no longer scalable enough to support its strategic targets or need to meet stringent operational compliance and governance requirements.

CREDIT AGRICOLE in Belgium chooses integrated storage and Escala server solutions from Bull

Faced with an urgent need for more servers and storage, Crédit Agricole in Belgium was won over by Bull’s responsiveness and the quality of its hardware and services offerings.

e-merchant: objective100% availability for e-commerce

Part of the Fotovista group which is active in more than 26 countries, e-merchant provides a complete e-commerce platform for numerous brands including Pixmania, Bouygues Telecom, PC World and Dixons. The major Business requirement was to provide a 100% available e-commerce platform with Business Continuity provision. Moreover, the storage infrastructure needed to be able to handle peak capacity and performance loads, as well as to host new e-Business sites. Bull delivered an innovative solution based on NetApp FAS6000 storage using MetroCluster, with data replication between primary and backup data centers, more than 40 km distant. The Disaster Recovery solution guarantees real-time replication of critical data and 100% availability to date.

Nancy University Hospital enters the era of neutral image archiving

Bull – along with its partner – was chosen to integrate the chosen functional solution EMC OSA, put in place the appropriate infrastructure and support the Hospital in its innovative approach. The hospital was keen to improve the overall performance of its data storage and archiving, which is expected to grow to almost 24 Terabytes a year by 2014. So it decided to embark on a new approach, marking a further step in its progress, to introduce ‘neutral archiving’, independent of its PACS solution. This represents a significant functional development, setting the Hospital firmly on the road to full-scale information lifecycle management (ILM).

LUMC: Big Data for DNA Sequencing

Unravelling the human DNA is a compute and data intensive matter. Every human being has about three million DNA sequences, all of which need to be uncovered, verified and processed. For this research, speed is of the essence and fast I/O is crucial in attaining the required results in an adequate timeframe. The Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) retained Bull to help design a Big Data storage environment that could meet these needs and requirements.
Bull and LUMC deployed the Isilon cluster, which consists of four 72NL-series nodes. This configuration allows LUMC to address almost 200TB of net storage capacity. The complete environment is managed by OneFS, Isilon’s integrated management suite. The biggest benefit of the Isilon storage system for LUMC is that its research department now features a storage environment that fully adheres to the needs and requirements of DNA research.

LUMC, institute specialized in complex diseases

LUMC, one of the leading university and research hospitals in The Netherlands, relies on Bull to design a future-ready storage environment
The Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) is a center for medical innovation striving to improve patient care through Research and development. The objective is to educate medical staff at all levels, both specialists and general practicioners to contribute towards this goal. LUMC differentiates itself as a leading institute for complex medical cases where there are no standard answers. Concise, manageable, expandable and secure storage is one of the key factors to support the researchers and specialists in their constant quest to find the right cure for a constant flow of new and exotic illnesses and diseases. Bull was chosen to design and implement this business-critical storage environment based on Bull’s professional capabilities, vision and proven track record.

High-end storage at nWave Digital

russels based nWave Digital has just installed an EMC Isilon storage system, distributed by Bull, in response to the growing needs of its designers and graphics artists for storage capacity. In nWave Digital’s case, the ‘render farm’ – the collection of virtual servers that provides the designers with the processing power they need to create, simulate and assemble each frame of the movie – is teamed with a highly specific and rigorous file storage system.

Gemeente Bloemendaal realizes high availability, reliable storage and optimal scalability

Gemeente Bloemendaal is one of the smaller local municipalities in the Netherlands, yet is bound by the same central compliance regulations as many of the larger municipalities with significantly larger IT resources and more personnel. In addition, many government activities that are currently coordinated at a national level will be relegated to municipal levels resulting in an even larger load on both personnel and IT infrastructure. Gemeente Bloemendaal turned to Bull to radically redesign and modernize its IT infrastructure to anticipate future functionalities and requirements. Based on a virtualized environment and flexible storage, Gemeente Bloemendaal is now able to not only meet but also to exceed the national compliancy regulations for availability and quality assurance.

Bull implements a unifying EDM project to support local initiatives

Against a backdrop of strong fiscal pressure and changing responsibilities for the regional authorities, the regional Council of Tarn is committed to a highly proactive policy of e-government and modernizing its administrative structures. The key success of this cross-functional approach is Electronic Document Management (EDM): a decisive step for the Council. Eventually, EDM will enable the entire information lifecycle to be managed in a unified way, ensuring that the target timescales for processing claims are met, as well as providing archiving, security and a global view of each claimant. Elder people and those with disabilities will be the first to benefit from the fact that documents are going digital, as EDM is integrated with the Genesis solution from Bull subsidiary Sirus, which is dedicated to social programs. Following a competitive tendering process, the Regional Council of Tarn has awarded Bull the entire EDM implementation project, based around EMC’s Documentum solution.

An Optimized, consistent and scalable storage infrastructure

Due to diverse activities (nuclear energy, life sciences, material sciences, climate and environment study, technological research and education), the French Atomic Agency is facing growing storage requirements related to increased data processing and information management needs. In order to provide coherent and efficient storage solutions for its 10 centres and 20 partners, the CEA and Bull carried out a complete reassessment of its storage infrastructure establishing a consistent SAN/NAS architecture based on NetApp technology - easy to administer, scalable and supporting multiple protocols. The new infrastructure offers the CEA a nationwide perspective and improved cost control. Bull's expertise in heterogeneous system management, the contribution of the Bull StoreWay Excellence Center and the strong partnership with NetApp have enabled the successful migration to new technologies, the integration of Microsoft Exchange and VMware, the implementation of both Backup & Data Recovery

High fidelity storage and archiving for Lithuanian Radio and Television

For audio-visual groups who need to offer new services without being overwhelmed by the amount of data, while keeping cost under control, it is essential to implement a global solution, covering the digitization, storage and archiving of content. Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT) needed an infrastructure to protect its very rich and constantly expanding legacy of sound recordings, and get the greatest value from them. On the storage front, LRT wanted to build a storage infrastructure that enables its content to be accessed by internal and external users alike; and to develop an archiving solution to ensure that its recordings are preserved. To answer their requirements, the Bull teams propose a hierarchical storage management (HSM) solution that combines the functionality of the Bull Calypso software suite and the EMC Celerra platform to optimize the system depending on needs and constraints.

Haut-Rhin Council optimizes its data storage with Bull

As part of the process to modernize the State in France, a number of new initiatives are under way at local government level.These new initiatives involve implementing innovative projects which make use of new technologies to computerize business processes, promote on-line services, develop multimedia solutions and at the same time respond to legal and regulatory constraints. All this means that the amount of data to processed and stored is exploding, leading a continued, massive expansion of storage infrastructures.Bull has helped the Council with this project, drawing both on its expertise as an integrator of complex technologies and its partnership with NetApp.

Optimized legal archiving of emails for datacair, services company

Datacair is a services company active in the fields of software development and networking for airline and transportation service providers, specialised in cargo freight. In addition, datacair also provides third-party back-office outsourcing solutions, offering a cutting-edge IT platform with a server farm based on Bull Blade Servers. datacair needed to have its email storage system compliant with the US legal requirements. Bull delivered a complete solution including Bull Blade Servers, NetApp Storage, Bull Calypso archive & backup, complemented with professional services, project management and managed services. As well as the legal compliance, return on investment is assured through operational efficiency, reduced risk, lower long-term costs, high performance data protection, data availability and simplified data management.

A modernized storage infrastructure to support Zain Gabon’s growth

With its dynamic expansion strategy, Zain is today the leading Telco operator in the Middle East and Africa, covering 22 countries including Gabon with 830,000 subscribers. To support its growth and continue to offer innovative services to its customers, Zain Gabon wanted to rationalize its IT infrastructures with a global storage solution that would guarantee protection, consolidation, backup and archiving of its business data. The chosen infrastructure is built on EMC hardware and software solutions with a SAN-hosted CLARiiON storage array. Secure access management, regular backup and data replication guarantee maximum availability of information. With its local presence and expertise, Bull implemented the entire project from design to deployment, with the support of experts from EMC. Deployed in less than six months, the new infrastructure has immediately resulted in reduced maintenance costs and improved response times.

100% data availability for Mn Services, a leading Dutch insurance company

With 920 employees, Mn Services is an independent organisation, administering insurance and pensions of more than one million people in the Netherlands, managing € 62 billion of institutional assets in 2009. Facing an increasing number of clients, Mn Services requires a highly available IT platform able to run its production systems and to handle workload peaks, as well as to respond to storage capacity growth and performance requirements. Taking advantage of existing platforms currently dedicated to development, test and pre-production, Bull has put in place a Disaster Recovery solution with a backup site 99km distant from the production site. The solution is built on NetApp storage and replication technologies. Mn Services benefits from an HA Cluster with real time data replication and fail over, optimized storage capacity with deduplication and thin provisioning, in addition to the required 100% availability of its production environment.


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