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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

Dassault Aviation: an innovative approach to software maintenance and support

In order to optimize software maintenance and support, and the impact these were having on costs, Dassault Aviation has selected Bull to implement an innovative service based on commitment to results, and a mechanism that enables both parties to share in the rewards.

Bull integrates RH@psodie, the French Navy's HR and payroll information system

The French Navy wanted to rework and combine all its HR and payroll information systems. The aim was to harmonize them, computerize processes while ensuring complete security, improve quality and share resources. Bull was the prime contractor on the project, which involved a great deal of organizational and functional input, providing everything from development to infrastructure integration and getting the system up and running. Bull also provided support for the whole user community and contributed to change management for the new HR and payroll system.

Bull signs BOA with NATO NC3A

Bull has signed a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A). Under the BOA, Bull is entitled to compete on bids that NATO issues within the range of products and services that Bull focusses on. Bull helps leading players build the new defense technologies of tomorrow.

Tera 100: Europe’s first supercomputer to break the Petaflops barrier

• European Number One, with a performance of 1.05 Petaflops

• One of the most efficient supercomputer in its category, with proven efficiency of almost 84% according to the LINPACK benchmark

• A general-purpose supercomputer, designed to run the CEA-DAM’s Simulation program 24 hours a day

Tera 100 has officially broken the Petaflops barrier, by recording a performance of 1.05 Petaflops in the LINPACK benchmark test, for a peak performance of 1.25 Petaflops. This performance means it ranked as the most powerful supercomputer in Europe, and as the 6th in the world, in the TOP 500 listing published in mid-November 2010 - and still number 1 in Europe in the June 2011 TOP 500 listing! Its 83.7% efficiency rating, one of the highest among all the supercomputers in its class, and its performance clearly demonstrate the quality of the design work carried out by the teams from Bull and CEA-DAM (the Military Applications Division of the French Alternative Energies and Atomi

Bull helps AWE scientists push back the boundaries of science

To carry out their important work in support of the UK’s nuclear deterrent scientists at AWE need a vast amount of computing power.
Until earlier this year, the organisation was reliant on one main supercomputer. However, this year, after a two year competitive tender process, AWE has accepted delivery of three supercomputers from Bull. All three are based on
the award winning bullx platform. The first two, named ‘Willow’, were installed separately, one after the other, in the early part of the year before the most powerful of the three, named ‘Blackthorn’, was installed later in the

DCNS takes an industrial approach to developing on-board systems software with Bull

DCNS is a leading European player on the world market for naval defense systems. The Group designs, builds and supports surface combatants, submarines and mission-critical systems and equipment incorporating the most advanced technologies. On the strength of its work on the NovaForge collaborative development platform, based on Open Source, Bull has been responsible for software engineering services (modeling, tooling...) for DCNS since 2006. From a very early stage, Bull has supported the GEMO (GEneric and MOdular) open architecture developed by DCNS for its new-generation Combat Management System. Bull's investments in this innovative architecture has helped it to rapidly win a growing amount of business working on DNCS' large-scale programs such as the new-generation strategic nuclear ballistic missile submarine 'Le Terrible' and its FREMM multi-purpose frigates.


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