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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

Allianz Africa won over by virtualization

A European leader in insurance and financial services, Allianz turned to Bull to implement a shared and virtualized infrastructure which would be perfectly aligned with its business needs and the local situation.
By enabling Allianz Africa to standardize its network and application infrastructure across all countries, virtualization meets the IT Department’s two key objectives of harmonization and simplifying system management.

Erste Bank: Reducing cost and increasing service levels through virtualisation

Erste Bank needed to reduce costs and improve the manageability of its IT infrastructure through the consolidation of 300 Intel servers. There was also a requirement to improve Business Continuity. Bull first delivered a pilot system using VMware and EMC CLARiiON storage then managed the full deployment of the solution based on 500 virtual servers that ensure 99.99% availability of applications.

In Brazil, Banco do Brasil chooses Bull to supply multi-document processing solution

In December 2010, Bull Latin America signed a contract with Banco do Brasil (the State-controlled Brazilian bank and the biggest bank in Brazil) to supply products and services for a turnkey financial and non-financial document processing solution, using distributed document image capture, automatic image identification and classification, automatic data extraction using OCR[1] and ICR[2] technologies, signature verification, document formatting, data extraction and legacy systems integration for business transactions. This is a classic, although highly complex, example of a paperless system. The project involves the deployment of both the main and back-up document processing centers within the bank’s data centers, with distributed document capture units all over the country (in 5,000 branches) connected via networks.

BBVA relies on a new Bull supercomputer

BBVA's bullx supercomputer will be the fifth most powerful in Spain, and is said to be the country's leading system in the banking sector

BBVA will reduce the time taken to run models of complex trend scenarios and financial forecasts by up to three times

Barclays France retains the SSO Evidian solution

Barclays France’s ever-growing staff was finding it difficult to implement its rigorous security rules. Applications were increasing in number, with very diverse technologies. Cases of forgotten passwords and incorrect password attempts were frequent since there were as many passwords as applications. The helpdesk was, therefore, overburdened, resulting in a very high cost in terms of assistance and loss of productivity. At the same time, a strict security policy was reinforced: for instance, complex passwords were to be renewed every month, and workstations locked after 3 incorrect password attempts. After a call for tender to three security-solution providers, Barclays France chose Evidian’s Enterprise SSO.Their solution was the only one that enabled us to deploy SSO and biometrics from only one screen, which simplifies management.Moreover, Evidian provides an effective backup tool in case of biometric system failure.

Power on demand for Société Générale

Financial services require powerful analysis and modeling tools. To answer these needs, Extreme Computing helps organizations constantly push back the boundaries of computer simulation, modeling and digital analysis. SG CIB, Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking, was looking for a solution that would give it both the performance it needed and great flexibility of use. So SG CIB turned to Bull, whose HPC-on-demand offering corresponded to its demands: power, flexibility, responsiveness, high levels of security, commitment and cost control. Bull not only provides servers but also network infrastructure, security, hosting and associated services. Not only the architecture itself, but also the way the services are delivered, are set up to absorb Société Générale’s extra demands and respond to peaks in workload, to meet their changing needs, especially when they are carrying out complex calculations around share derivatives or risk management.

CCPB RP chooses Bull to lead the project to update its information systems.

The CCPB RP (Caisse des Congés Payés du Bâtiment de la Région Parisienne, or the Paris regional paid leave insurance fund for the building industry) has chosen Bull as its partner, to provide on-going support throughout its information systems update program. The program management support assignment awarded to Bull covers the full spectrum of business, functional, technical and human issues involved in the project; from the definition of the initial challenges to the transformation project.


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