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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

CG 76 entrusts Bull to build its Citizen CRM

When you’re one of the biggest départements in France in terms of population, continually maximizing the service you offer to your citizens is more than a priority. It’s both an obligation and an opportunity to further improve the quality of your interactions with them and the professional way in which each matter is handled. The challenge? To implement personalized tools from the world of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), to boost the management of relations with citizens. That’s just what the general council for the Seine Maritime (CG 76)has done, with Bull’s help. The big innovation? Adapting advanced CRM solutions to build personalized services for citizens, linked to all the council’s services and social welfare applications. The result? A personal area for each citizen or businessperson, where they can interact with the council, manage and track their welfare requests, and contribute to the community’s development.

A new infrastructure to help the Calvados Council face new challenges

The IT Department at CG14 defined a new masterplan for its information systems and has selected Bull to build an infrastructure and secure technical platform capable of supporting the levels of service demanded by professional users and also sufficiently scaleable to host future projects.

Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery for ACTIRIS in Belgium

ACTIRIS, a famous employment agency in the Brussels region has selected Bull to replace its existing Disaster Recovery and Backup system, with a more reliable, efficient and easy to manage system. Bull implemented a backup solution based on StoreWay Calypso, powered by CommVault, and supporting existing backup data. ACTIRIS appreciated Bull expertise and the quality of the partnership.

CG Seine Maritime : a large-scale BI project

Seine-Maritime has embarked on a wide-ranging, cross-functional Business Intelligence (BI) implementation project. Bull has now implemented a consolidated architecture consisting of Bull Escala servers that meets the authority’s needs in terms of ease of operation, scaleability, service continuity and power-on-demand. The BI solution is built around Business Objects.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council goes virtual with Bull TCL

In 2006, Barnsley MBC and Bull formed a groundbreaking joint venture company, Bull TCL, to manage BMBC’s IT operations and proactively pitch for IT support contracts in the wider world. Bull TCL quickly delivered substantial efficiencies under the government Efficiency Agenda as well as helping to secure commercial ICT contracts worth several million in the first few months of trading. These early successes laid the foundation for improvements in both council services to Barnsley residents and further economic development in the town.

Marseille City Council chooses Bull to supply dematerialization solution

First port in the Mediterranean and France’s second largest city, the city of Marseille entrusts Bull to optimize information manage¬ment at every stage of the council’s administrative and business processes. Bull implements a cross-departmental electronic document management, based on a shared platform. For each new application, the system not only manages all digitized public documents (invitations to tender, council proceedings, orders, invoices, expenditure receipts...) in a consistent way – via municipal portals and applications – but also stores and archives them centrally, all based on Alfresco technologies. The expected result? More fluid and powerful control of the administrative procedures used to manage an annual budget of €1.86 billion.

Bull to partner the Val d’Oise council in the further development of the CapwebCT

The regional council for the Val d’Oise departement in France has set itself the aim of helping the smaller local authorities in its area innovate thanks to New Information and Communications Technologies (NICTs).
100% Open Source, CapwebCT is approved by the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster. Having been closely involved with the CapwebCT project ever since its initiation (with the prototype for the CapInfo Web site generator and a functional survey of service groupings for CapDémat), Bull has now been chosen as the provider of both corrective and evolutionary application maintenance, as well as host for the platform.

Gemeente Bloemendaal realizes high availability, reliable storage and optimal scalability

Gemeente Bloemendaal is one of the smaller local municipalities in the Netherlands, yet is bound by the same central compliance regulations as many of the larger municipalities with significantly larger IT resources and more personnel. In addition, many government activities that are currently coordinated at a national level will be relegated to municipal levels resulting in an even larger load on both personnel and IT infrastructure. Gemeente Bloemendaal turned to Bull to radically redesign and modernize its IT infrastructure to anticipate future functionalities and requirements. Based on a virtualized environment and flexible storage, Gemeente Bloemendaal is now able to not only meet but also to exceed the national compliancy regulations for availability and quality assurance.

An innovative Geographic Information System (GIS) in Languedoc-Roussillon

Bull has defined a global solution, working in close collaboration with the Water and Natural Risk Prevention Department, in order to establish a comprehensive data map. This makes it easier for the mapping applications to use the data and for it to be fully integrated with the Regional Council’s GIS platform. A highly functional, coherent and innovative solution, the ONR now plays a central role in the Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Council’s flood prevention arsenal.

The Agglomeration Community of Pays Voironnais protects the personal data of its citizens.

Agglomeration Community has therefore decided to seek a single sign-on solution to simplify, but also secure accesses. The privacy of residents in effect required streamlining password management while retaining the history of access attempts.
After examining several single sign-on products, including the native Citrix solution, the Agglomeration Community chose Evidian Enterprise SSO. The strong points: the additional load on Citrix servers is very low, ramp-up and administration are simple, the functions of the solution are regularly updated and it is possible to evolve later towards full identity management. Finally, this solution is very light in terms of infrastructure requirements.
Enterprise SSO fits simply in the Agglomeration Community's virtual desktop in thin client mode - it facilitates it use, but only for authorized persons.

Bull implements a unifying EDM project to support local initiatives

Against a backdrop of strong fiscal pressure and changing responsibilities for the regional authorities, the regional Council of Tarn is committed to a highly proactive policy of e-government and modernizing its administrative structures. The key success of this cross-functional approach is Electronic Document Management (EDM): a decisive step for the Council. Eventually, EDM will enable the entire information lifecycle to be managed in a unified way, ensuring that the target timescales for processing claims are met, as well as providing archiving, security and a global view of each claimant. Elder people and those with disabilities will be the first to benefit from the fact that documents are going digital, as EDM is integrated with the Genesis solution from Bull subsidiary Sirus, which is dedicated to social programs. Following a competitive tendering process, the Regional Council of Tarn has awarded Bull the entire EDM implementation project, based around EMC’s Documentum solution.

Bull wins outsourcing contract for the Vaucluse Fire and Rescue Service information system

The Vaucluse Fire and Rescue Service (or SDIS 84) with headquarters in Avignon, oversees the 54 fire stations in this French department. In a move to rationalize and grow its information system over the next four years, SDIS 84 has asked Bull to host its platforms, operate and carry out third-party application maintenance for its existing applications.
The contract has been defined in a very flexible way to take account of the SDIS’ operating constraints. The customer was keen to take advantage both of the close proximity of Bull’s teams, and the industrial capacity offered by Bull’s outsourcing centers. As a result, Bull will be hosting the platform and providing back-up and monitoring services from its highly secure site near Angers, while the service center at Marseille is to operate and maintain all business applications and the messaging system, via a secure link.

Republic and State of Geneva, Switzerland

The CTI handles nearly 800 business applications and 600 servers, and provides services to 22,000 users. In 2004 it chose to use Open Source software to rationalize and harmonize its architectures, and ensure interoperability.
Appreciating the close proximity and responsiveness of Bull’s development and service teams, the Center opted for Open Source components including the JOnAS applications server and Bonita workflow engine, along with Bull support.

Loire-Brittany Water Agency chooses Bull to operate and modernize its information systems

The Agency has undertaken a vast program to modernize its information systems. It is against this backdrop that it decided to hand over responsibility for running its information systems – as well as user support – to Bull. The aim of this move is to automate and professionalize processes, guarantee service continuity and provide the necessary technical expertise particularly in times of evolution.

Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council calls on Bull to modernize its information system

The Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council is relying on an ambitious IT masterplan to build a reliable information system that delivers significant added value. The system will not only have to meet business needs, but also reflect the global action strategy set out in the ‘Regional Pact.Whether they are designed to support the local population directly or to contribute to the development of innovative business practices within the regional authority, the projects that Bull is carrying out will all contribute significantly to meeting the Region’s objectives: Bull has designed, developed and is responsible for the continued evolution of ‘@gile’, a portal that provides a single interface between high-schools and the Regional Council. Bull was responsible for leading and delivering the SIGEP project: a Business Intelligence system designed to evaluate public services actions and to respond to the needs expressed by the various functions within the Council.

Haut-Rhin Council optimizes its data storage with Bull

As part of the process to modernize the State in France, a number of new initiatives are under way at local government level.These new initiatives involve implementing innovative projects which make use of new technologies to computerize business processes, promote on-line services, develop multimedia solutions and at the same time respond to legal and regulatory constraints. All this means that the amount of data to processed and stored is exploding, leading a continued, massive expansion of storage infrastructures.Bull has helped the Council with this project, drawing both on its expertise as an integrator of complex technologies and its partnership with NetApp.

Ile-de-France Regional Council uses Open Source with Bull to enable flexible rationalization

Ways of using public services are changing fast, The largest Regional Council in France, the Ile-De-France Council wanted to be ready to meet rapidly the needs of new reforms like the RGPP1. For that, the organization has embarked on some major programs to make its Information Systems more agile and powerful, leveraging Open Source as a way of reducing the life cycle of projects, making savings in the very short term but also guaranteing transparency and, above all, responsiveness, to rapidly control the way the projects evolve depending on changing needs. To enable these actions, the Council has chosen to use Bull’s NovaForge platform for several of its software developments… Today more than 25 PHP, J2EE or Java projects are hosted on NovaForge. The objective is to gradually extend the use of this tool across the whole organization, so the Council can use it to host the Ile de France Regional Council’s application base.


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