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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

The Mantes Hospital center is virtualizing its business critical apllications with bullion

The François Quesnay Hospital Center has renewed its IT infrastructure to secure its information system and meet the growing needs in the computerization of services. Bull provided a comprehensive solution based on bullion servers to virtualize and secure x86 applications in two active/active sites. At the same time, Bull managed the evolution of the storage infrastructure towards a solution distributed on two sites with replicated EMC storage bays.

Nancy University Hospital enters the era of neutral image archiving

Bull – along with its partner – was chosen to integrate the chosen functional solution EMC OSA, put in place the appropriate infrastructure and support the Hospital in its innovative approach. The hospital was keen to improve the overall performance of its data storage and archiving, which is expected to grow to almost 24 Terabytes a year by 2014. So it decided to embark on a new approach, marking a further step in its progress, to introduce ‘neutral archiving’, independent of its PACS solution. This represents a significant functional development, setting the Hospital firmly on the road to full-scale information lifecycle management (ILM).

LUMC, institute specialized in complex diseases

LUMC, one of the leading university and research hospitals in The Netherlands, relies on Bull to design a future-ready storage environment
The Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) is a center for medical innovation striving to improve patient care through Research and development. The objective is to educate medical staff at all levels, both specialists and general practicioners to contribute towards this goal. LUMC differentiates itself as a leading institute for complex medical cases where there are no standard answers. Concise, manageable, expandable and secure storage is one of the key factors to support the researchers and specialists in their constant quest to find the right cure for a constant flow of new and exotic illnesses and diseases. Bull was chosen to design and implement this business-critical storage environment based on Bull’s professional capabilities, vision and proven track record.

Big Data for DNA Sequencing

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) in the Netherlands retained Bull to help design a Big Data storage environment. Bull assisted LUMC in finding, designing and testing the best storage architecture: the Isilon storage systems, now part of EMC. Bull and LUMC deployed the Isilon cluster, which consists of four 72NL-series nodes. This configuration allows LUMC to address almost 200TB of net storage capacity.

Security and efficiency at Nantes hospital

The project – known as Gaïa (in English: Directory, Identity and Access Management) – was launched in practical terms in 2010. It involved totally starting again from scratch when it came to identity management. This involved managing identity and access to IT systems whilst taking account the contractual commitments made by staff to the hospital. Evidian’s solution was chosen for the project, with its parent company, Bull, delivering the systems integration.

Austrian state hospital deploys Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian, a Bull’s company and the European identity and access management leader, today announced that its Enterprise SSO offer is being used by all 1800 clinicians and staff members of Austria’s Villach Regional Hospital. These healthcare professional access their work environment and applications via a single smart-card based strong authentication. With Evidian Enterprise SSO, the hospital ensures that access to confidential health data is protected via the clinician’s personal authentication, which ensures that patient privacy rights are respected and improves clinical safety.

Bull’s latest success stories in the Belgian healthcare sector

A number of Belgian healthcare establishments have called on Bull’s know-how in IT security. The Single Sign-On (SSO) offering from Bull’s subsidiary Evidian has been especially well received. This tool is used to protect access to many different applications, via a single user authentication process. he Algemeen Ziekenhuis (AZ) Sint-Blasius hospital in Dendermonde, the regional hospital of La Citadelle in Liège, and the Entité Jolimontoise all placed orders with Bull towards the end of 2010, most notably for security solutions; reaffirming Bull’s solid reputation in the healthcare market.

Evidian secures access to health data

25 healthcare establishments in the North of France choose Bull and its subsidiary Evidian to secure access to health data. The contract covers the purchase, implementation and maintenance of an access control solution featuring strong authentication based on digital certificates, as well as associated program management services for the 25 healthcare establishments from across the region who are members of the ‘Access and authentication’ procurement consortium being coordinated by the inter-hospital healthcare IT syndicate in Nord-Pas de Calais (SiiH 59/62), as part of the move to comply with the French government’s ‘confidentiality’ directive.

Belgian healthcare group calls on Bull to a value-added hospital IT solution

The Entité Jolimontoise turned to Bull to implement a Single Sign-On (SSO) for IT users. The first phase of the project is currently under way. A second stage will involve introducing strong authentication, using a physical identification method such as a Digipass or smart card, which will really allow, medical and nursing staff and paramedics to access a central information platform about the patient from literally anywhere, in total security. These vital projects are building the foundations for more open and scalable IT systems, that will be capable of taking full advantage of the benefits of Cloud computing in the coming years, for example.

Safety and efficiency for Villach State Hospital (Austria).

To ensure that its 1800 staff have secure and easy access to the clinical applications, LKH Villach decided to introduce strong authentication and the Enterprise SSO solution from Evidian.
A proof of concept of the Evidian solution showed that it could easily be integrated into the clinical environment and daily clinical processes, and that the current security and service requirements are met in full. The extensive functionality and the scope for development mean that the investment is future proof.
The introduction of the Evidian Enterprise SSO
solution eliminates the awkward password entry and management aspects for clinical staff.Strong authentication makes access to applications and data more secure, and the audit and reporting function guarantees traceability.

NHS Trust secures access and improves staff efficiency.

Managing over 3,800 staff who each require access to up to 12 different healthcare applications on a day-to-day basis to carry out key services, the Trust recognised that having to remember multiple passwords was placing a burden on its staff and IT support team.
Enterprise SSO, a single sign-on solution was implemented as it met the Trust’s key requirements for security and flexibility; fit their network setup and complied with data security standards. It was also the most cost effective and scalable solution for future requirements.
The solution enables staff to login to 12 unique healthcare applications by enabling authorised clinical and admin staff from all wards to simultaneously login with a single user ID and password instead of having to remember multiple passwords for different applications.

A psychiatric hospital maintains the confidentiality of patient records.

The primary mission of EPSM (Public Institution of Mental Health) in Morbihan, France, is to provide psychiatric care for children, adults and seniors.
EPSM Morbihan has therefore deployed a Citrix based virtualized architecture to realize substantial savings on IT investment.
EPSM Morbihan therefore decided to strengthen security while eliminating the constraints of passwords, using instead France's CPS healthcare professional smart card for authentication.
EPSM Morbihan selected Evidian Enterprise SSO for its compatibility with the national health professional smart card and its many features specially adapted to hospital activity (kiosk mode, roaming sessions, delegation...)
Enterprise SSO is coupled with Evidian's directory synchronization utility.The solution links every login to a clearly identified health professional.

25 healthcare establishments choose Bull Evidian to secure access to health data

25 healthcare establishments in the North of France choose Bull and its subsidiary Evidian to secure access to health data. Following a 15-month competitive tendering process involving two other nationally recognized companies, the Bull-Evidian-Altasys alliance has won a four-year contract with each of the members of the procurement consortium.

The contract covers the purchase, implementation and maintenance of an access control solution featuring strong authentication based on digital certificates, as well as associated program management services for the 25 healthcare establishments from across the region who are members of the ‘Access and authentication’ procurement consortium being coordinated by the inter-hospital healthcare IT syndicate in Nord-Pas de Calais (SiiH 59/62), as part of the move to comply with the French government’s ‘confidentiality’ directive.

sanofi-aventis selects Bull Evidian to secure its workstations

A global pharmaceutical group, sanofi-aventis is mainly involved in pharmacy, human vaccines and animal health. The company is subject to strict requirements in terms of security, confidentiality and data integrity. The 15,000 research and development employees of sanofi-aventis must therefore individually authenticate to a large number of applications.
The Group launched an evaluation of the world’s leading providers of authentication management and SSO. The criteria: the solution must be easy to install and deploy, and be able to integrate a large variety of applications, online medical databases, document management, internal Windows and Unix applications and terminal emulation. After live tests, sanofi-aventis selected Bull Evidian.

Bull modernizes CNAF’s core business applications

The Caisse Nationale d’Allocations Familiales (CNAF) – the family branch of the French social security system, which provided some €69 billion of benefits to 11 million claimants in 2009 – has turned to Bull to migrate its Interel-RFM2 database running under gcos8 to PostgreSQL. The decision is a reaffirmation of CNAF’s commitment to move towards Open Source solutions. As a result of this, every month PostgreSQL is involved in the payment of €3 billion in benefits. The project, which is now fully up and running, is an integral part of the program to transform the information systems of this highly sensitive organization, which will soon have to bring on board new initiatives such as the RSA. The migration project started in October 2008, following a feasibility study carried out by Bull and a prototype built in collaboration with CNAF’s teams. An extensive testing phase established a sound basis for the implementation, which took place over the nine months to April 2010.

Hospital AZ Sint Blasius selected its Enterprise SSO EVIDIAN

Bull Evidian, the European leader in identity and access management, announces that hospital AZ Sint Blasius selected its Enterprise SSO solution for all its healthcare and administrative personnel. The hospital’s decision was driven in part by Evidian’s ability to integrate user provisioning and identity management features with its single sign-on solution.
“Evidian’s Enterprise SSO is an excellent fit for AZ Sint Blasius’ core values of security, information, comfort, healthcare quality and speed.” says Dirk De Wachter, ICT and Data Manager. “We are confident that Enterprise SSO will reinforce our security procedures by introducing strong authentication techniques while speeding up access to patient information. So doctors and nurses will deliver quality healthcare services faster.”

French social security fund for self-employed workers unifies its BI architectures with Bull.

As the result of a merger and a fundamental transformation of its information systems, the RSI (Régime Social des Indépendants) awarded Bull several assignments, including implementing a new approach to managing its project portfolio and legacy applications. Bull also provided project management support for the implementation of RSI's Business Intelligence program, supporting the update of its retirement production system and various project management support initiatives.

AGPM calls on Bull to redevelop its mission critical applications

AGPM is an independent group operating in the social economy and governed by the principles of mutuality, which serves the defense and military community. Over the past five years, the insurer has undertaken a vast program to update its I.S, and has turned to Bull to support it in evolving its mission critical applications. AGPM’s aim is to migrate all its core business applications to open environments. Following an initial phase dedicated to migrating the incident management application, a second stage has now begun, which involves establishing the technological building blocks on which the entire future information system will depend.Given the scale of the planned programs of work, AGPM have chosen Bull to help it implement a software development factory for Java/J2EE and ETL applications. This is based on NovaForge™, Bull’s platform which includes all the industrial-scale processes and tools needed in software development projects.

High Performance Computing plays its role in the fight against cancer

New techniques for calculating planned radiation doses delivered in the course of external radiotherapy cancer treatments bring a tremendous increase in precision. However a large amount of compute power is needed to achieve enough precision in an acceptable calculation time for clinical application. This is precisely the issue addressed by Bull’s HPC Centre of Expertise, which studied the problem and delivered a supercomputer adapted to the task in hand. Since it would be impractical for every radiotherapy center to install this kind of computer, it was decided to set up a service that can be supplied on demand to hospitals.


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