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The Bull Software Subscription option entitles you to the latest available releases of AIX and other associated software, such as compilers or high availability solutions. This annual subscription enables you to get new major releases (providing major feature enhancements or functions) as soon as they become available. Minor maintenance releases are part of the Bull support contract.

Purchasing a support contract is mandatory for Software Subscription.

The software subscription can be purchased with an initial AIX license. For all products, apart from AIX and PowerVM™, Bull Software Subscription is provided at no additional charge for the first year.

Customers who already own product licenses without valid subscription can enroll in the Software Subscription program through the After-License option, on a product-by-product basis.
  The benefits from the AIX subscription
Access to the latest technology:
new product features and capabilities are immediately available upon release for your use, thus maximizing system functionality, security and availability
Immediate notification of upgrade availability:
you can register to be notified via e-mail when products have been upgraded, allowing you to plan your evolution to a new version or release. To receive this automatic alarm please register to the following mailing list:


Register for the mailing list


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Easier budgeting:
Management of software maintenance expenses is simplified. The charges can be paid monthly or quarterly. Thus you can budget for predictable expenditures.
Increased ROI (return on investment):
In the traditional software delivery model, upgrades are costly. With Bull software subscription, you can upgrade to a major release economically.

Subscription is automatically renewed each year, contact your Bull representative for cancellation rules.
  The ordering process


Display available upgrades
Mandatory process:
  • customer code
  • contract number
  • serial number of the server

In case where the server has been purchased through a Bull business partner, you must contact the Business partner to obtain your AIX subscription reference.

Our administrative services will verify your right to obtain any software required and then issue an order (free of charge) which will be sent to the address mentioned on your request.
PLEASE NOTE: This procedure may last 8 to 15 days.
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Technical information regarding AIX products is available on the Bull support website: http://support.bull.com/ols/product/system/aix

Feel free to contact your Bull representative for additional information.
In case of difficulties, please send an e-mail to Bull Support using this page: http://support.bull.com/ols/contact-info