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Systems integration and development

From the infrastructure to the application, from consultancy to IT outsourcing: benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an integrator.

E-commerce, online services, collaborative platform, etc. In an already-digital world, responsiveness is important. To help organisations develop their applications assets to keep pace with their business, Bull contributes all the industrial power of its Services Centers. In this way, from development to system integration, from open source to publishers’ solutions, Bull builds open, flexible, powerful and reliable information systems.

Application development : Make the most of an industrial scale network of services centers

Updating information systems and adopting new technologies leads organizations to embark on new application development projects. Bull’s role is to support its customers in designing, developing and integrating their complex applications and infrastructures, whether in proprietary or open environments. Bull’s Services Centers are there to support its large-scale development projects designed around open technologies such as JAVA, J2EE and PHP. The Group has built up an exceptional wealth of experience in development, using platforms such as Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss and JOnAS. An integral part of its resources, Bull also makes extensive us of NovaForge, a secure project management and software engineering platform for distributed developments.

Systems integration and project management for major projects : Put your trust in high calibre experts

Systems integration and application development projects are becoming increasingly complex and involve a very wide variety of skills. Using its Services Centers and R&D facilities, Bull can bring together this high-level expertise in a unique way. Its skills are organized around centers of expertise covering all the key infrastructure technologies:

  • Infrastructure middleware: with high levels of expertise in Java and J2EE technologies offerings deployed on n-tier architectures (Internet, portals, application servers, integration servers, EAI, data servers...)
  • ERP (Oracle, SAP, Infor…)
  • Integration of specialist software: trend-spotting and enterprise intelligence (AMI Software, Sinequa, Pertimm, Qwan, Temis…), project management solutions (Planisware/OPX2), EAM (Infor)…
  • Storage: offering open solutions based on market-leading systems
  • Consolidation: for high availability and performance
  • Qualification, validation and industrialization of software ’stacks’

Collaborative services: Capitalize on advanced expertise in consulting, integration and security

Collaborative working is increasingly common in many organizations, using more and more structured approaches: in response to a growing need for innovation and profitability, by optimizing collaboration between all the stakeholders in the business. This new way of organizing work depends on the use of new technologies, which have an influence in many areas: in the management of Web content, project management, application integration, data management, R&D activities... Bull has delivered many innovative collaborative working initiatives, most notably those that incorporate both Open Source components – which Bull actively contributes to – and those of its partners. Bull’s focuses on the following areas:

  • Messaging services
  • Workflow solutions
  • Corporate directory solutions.

Portals and content management: Take advantage of comprehensive offering, from consulting to delivery

Over the past decade, intranets and document databases have multiplied in business. However, although information may exist, it is not always easy to access it quickly or in a structured, useful or coherent way. By putting in place portals, businesses are looking for a better and more professional way to organize how their data is put on line and circulated, and to make it easier to share and access information. And as employees work increasingly in a mobile context, organizations want their people to be able to access their information systems no matter where they may be, but at the same time guarantee that access is totally secure. Bull’s experience of developing and implementing portals and its in-depth understanding of solutions mean it can help you design and deliver your whole solution. The Group has built up real expertise in integrating proprietary and Open Source portal components, and will be able to guide you in choosing and implementing these solutions.

Interoperability: Open up your information systems in complete security

Exchanges between different information systems and applications have become a major challenge for organizations who need to increase their channels of communication with and between subsidiaries, production sites, partners, customers, suppliers, employees on the move... On the one hand, businesses have to connect numerous existing heterogeneous applications and exploit the data from various different systems, while also defining new processes and maintaining coherence within the information system. To respond to the challenge of integration, and so improve the flexibility of enterprise systems, Bull has developed a range of skills around the definition and implementation of EAI/ESB projects, Web Services, gateways and mainframe connectors (GCOS and IBM).

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By Jean-Michel Rondeau, Head of the Economic Intelligence Unit at Bull Services.

French Ministry of Defense chooses Bull to industrialize its application development processes.

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