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Systems integration and development

From the infrastructure to the application, from consultancy to IT outsourcing: benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an integrator.

Bull combines development skills with total mastery of the infrastructure integration life-cycle. The Group has developed close working partnerships with the major software houses, plus a unique expertise in Open Source software. Bull understands how to ensure the interoperability of heterogeneous environments, to optimize them and align them with business needs while also introducing standardization to reduce costs.

Virtual Shore: A unique network of services centers, designed to help optimize your development processes

Having been heavily involved in the Open Source movement for many years now, Bull has made a commitment to capitalize on that experience through an innovative new approach: Virtual Shore. Its aim is to ensure project quality and make the most of the potential offered by the very latest technologies and development methods, to ensure that enterprise applications can evolve at the same pace as the business itself. Around this Virtual Shore approach, Bull has established specialized service centers in Brazil, China, France, Morocco, Poland, Spain and the United States, complementing its local service delivery teams and divisions spread across all the countries where Bull is present. Some of these centers specialize in certain technologies or businesses, and this concentration of particular resources in a single area of competence creates pools of expertise. This organizational structure of networked service centers means the Group can be much more responsive, partly through a greater capacity to support increased work-loading, and partly because we can do the work at the lowest cost, thanks to tools that provide continuous access to the necessary information for each project. Each service center shares methodologies, processes and tools. At the core of this approach, NovaForge provides a range of advanced Open Source tools; integrated and implemented by Bull’s own R&D teams over the course of the many development programs on which they have worked.

NovaForge : A shared professional development tool

Bull’s services offerings are focused around ‘forge’ technologies. NovaForge™ is an international and secure shared development tool, featuring proven distributed development methodologies. The forge provides a standard, ready-to-use development environment for Virtual Shore. It draws heavily on Bull’s R&D teams, who have many years experience in developing software worldwide, as well as an international network of development centers in FBrazil, China, France, Morocco, Poland, Spain and the United States. NovaForge makes it easier to capitalize on expertise, with close collaboration between project leaders, systems architects, experts and developers.


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By Jean-Michel Rondeau, Head of the Economic Intelligence Unit at Bull Services.

French Ministry of Defense chooses Bull to industrialize its application development processes.

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