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TrustWay® box: the same encryption resource whatever the platform or OS
Encryption functions are used by many different applications to protect data, authenticate users and sign transactions. TrustWay box provides you with a flexible, high-performance solution in a single resource that meets all these needs.
Based on the TrustWay Crypto PCI PCI encryption card, it guarantees very high levels of security and reliability.

TrustWay VPN


  • A versatile, high-performance solution
  • A single resource
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Integration made easy


  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software support
  • Software engineering services
  • Training in the classroom or on site

A versatile, high-performance solution

TrustWay box enables companies to consolidate their encryption resources for the following types of applications:

  • Banking applications
  • Certificate management
  • Electronic signing of documents
  • Storage and exchange of sensitive data

A single resource

The TrustWay box is a single resource that provides:

  • Generation and safe storage of the keys used by your applications
  • High performance for all algorithms (RSA, 3DES, AES, SHA...)
  • Flexible architecture and support for all types of OS supporting RPCs
  • Easy integration in all infrastructures


TrustWay box guarantees a very high level of security and reliability based on the TrustWay Crypto PCI encryption card.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical algorithms benefit from a hardware implementation that combines performance and total security, and has been developed 100% by Bull.

The use of a dedicated centralized resource also provides better control of security by ensuring that sensitive data is not spread over different points in the infrastructure.


The high performance of the TrustWay box means it can handle, for example, more than 400 RSA calculations per second with 1024-bit private keys and perform AES 256 encryption at more than 80 Mb/s.

By removing these resource-hungry tasks from the servers, network exchanges are swifter and applications optimized. With TrustWay box you can securely store up to 428 RSA key pairs.

Integration made easy

With the TrustWay box, network installation is easy. Applications access the resource via standard PKCS#11 queries transmitted via RPC as if the TrustWay box was one of the server's local resources.

The administration and security configuration of the TrustWay box is performed via a Java application with a simple, user-friendly graphical interface.

The security administrator is authenticated using a smart card. There is no longer any need to integrate and manage a large number of encryption accelerators on the servers. Encryption resources are shared, leading to savings on purchase and running costs.

Thanks to its simple implementation and its high level of security, TrustWay box is the ideal solution for implementing all sensitive applications.

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TrustWay provides security for Europe's largest encryption programs.

TrustWay products EAL Common Criteria certified and ANSSI approved.
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