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TrustWay®VPN: The high-security VPN solution
With TrustWay VPN, Bull has developed a high-security solution designed to give you total protection for your sensitive networks and all points of access to them: enabling you to grow your business with complete confidence.

TrustWay VPN


  • An EAL2+ Common Criteria certified  solution that is ANSSI approved
  • A range suited to all types of network infrastructure
  • High performance
  • Resilient technology
  • Centralized administration


  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software support
  • Software engineering services
  • Training in the classroom or on site

A proven solution that has already been implemented for some of Europe’s most sensitive networks, TrustWay® VPN provides end-to-end security, protecting you against intrusions and ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of IP data flows, in line with your corporate security policies. Data is encrypted in real time, transparently to users, who have all been authenticated. With TrustWay VPN, only designated recipients will be able to access the data that has been sent to them.

With its range of 6 to 900 Mb/s boxes for IPSec links, the Bull TrustWay VPN solution is equally suited to meeting the needs of high-speed centralized sites, regional sites and branch offices, as well as mobile user populations. It offers a comprehensive response for all kinds of configurations (inter-site connections, mobile or remote workstations) and can be adapted to meet any specific requirements.

A range of performances to meet any requirement

TrustWay VPN solutions are powerful and robust, designed to meet the specific needs of all kinds of organizations. Optimum processing and frame encryption/signature capacity guarantees speeds compatible with today's 1 Gb/s networks. The TrustWay VPN also integrates an advanced data compression mechanism that preserves network performance. What’s more, unlimited parallelization of the encoders means it can meet the needs of speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. The exceptional features of all TrustWay VPN encoders means you can encrypt your communications on low-speed networks without any noticeable impact on response times and bandwidth. And there is no lag in the establishment of IPSec tunnels.

The solution offering the highest levels of security currently available

TrustWay VPN is a family of IPSec encryption boxes designed totally by Bull to meet the very highest security and performance requirements. The TrustWay VPN solution uses the IPSec protocol, which ensures secure data transfer on IP networks, while preserving the confidentiality and integrity of the data being exchanged. A 100% European, EAL2+ Common Criteria certified solution approved by ANSSI, TrustWay VPN effectively protects you against risks arising from economic espionage and IT system intrusion. ANSSI approval applies to the entire VPN appliance, making TrustWay VPN the most highly secure global solution currently available. For total security, the TrustWay Domain Manager administration station uses the TrustWay Crypto PCI hardware encryption resource, itself EAL4+ Common Criteria certified. So the TrustWay VPN box benefit from all the security and performance advantages of their integral cryptographic module.

Rapid and simple to implement: a cost-effective solution

As well as the security it offers, one of the key strengths of the TrustWay VPN approach is its ‘Plug and Play’ design and ease of implementation, both in terms of the initial installation and day-to-day running. Installation could not be simpler. All you need to do is to connect the pre-configured TrustWay VPN box to the remote administration station. The box downloads all the necessary configuration data via a secure protocol: and it’s ready to run.

TrustWay VPN offers a range of tools to automate the whole process of customization, implementation and configuration. Installing the box on site does not require any special skills or security clearances. The combination of this functionality with centralized administration offered by the administration station means that VPN implementations are simple. There is no need to train managers at regional sites, because everything can be managed from a single central point, with total peace of mind. This not only delivers cost savings in the initial implementation, but also in everyday operation.

In addition, thanks to the optional TrustWay Audit Manager station, you can outsource your VPN network and hand over its day-to-day running to a third party such as a telecoms operator, while keep complete control over your security policy.

A complete range of VPN solutions

TrustWay VPN3-100, VPN3-300 and VPN3-600: security for central sites and subsidiaries

The TrustWay VPN3 box secures high and medium-rate data flows for example between central sites, regional offices and subsidiaries. It includes two Ethernet 1 Gb/s interfaces and delivers encryption performance of up to 900 Mb/s in IPSec mode (AES 256 bits), with addressing for up to 20,000 end-points and an unlimited number of IPSec tunnels.

TrustWay CRX2 and CRX3: security for branch offices

TrustWay CRX2 and CRX3 boxes are particularly well suited to branch offices using medium-speed network connections. They offer between 16 and 30 Mb/s 256-bit AES IPSec throughput and can address up to 400 end-points.

TrustWay CRX: security for the home office

This small-scale box is particularly well suited to branch office or home-working applications using low-speed network connections (xDSL). TrustWay CRX has a 6 Mb/s 256-bit AES (15Mb/s for CRX2) IPSEC throughput and can address up to 50 end-points.

TrustWay VPN Client: security for mobile users

TrustWay VPN Client is a software solution for mobile users, allowing them to communicate with their business in total security. Its architecture involves equipping mobile user terminals with the VPN Client software, to secure data exchanges with remote workstations that are themselves protected by a TrustWay VPN3 box, via IPSec tunnels. Mobile users can authenticate themselves using a password or – for total end-to-end security – a CIK PIN code input into a TrustWay hardware encryptions device such as globull or TrustWay PPS2. Establishing remote connections to nomadic PCs (home-based, sales reps, etc.) is guaranteed to be highly secure whatever network is being used (Wi-Fi, ADSL, RTC, GPRS, 3G...)..

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TrustWay provides security for Europe's largest encryption programs.

TrustWay products EAL Common Criteria certified and ANSSI approved.
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