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Storage - Backup
Business Intelligence - Databases - Middleware
High Performance Computing
Data Center - Architecture - Platforms - OS - Hardware
Data protection - Consolidation - High Availability
Open Source

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Virtual Private Networks: challenges in creating and managing Secure VPN
How to implement and manage E-business application security over any Internet/Intranet/Extranet infrastructure?

Presented by Stephen Albert
Nomadic users' laptops in danger: Protect them with the easiest cryptographic solution on the market
Protect the frontiers of your information system to avoid the threat of data theft. Guarantee the highest security level for your mobile workforces.

Presented by Stephen Albert
Storage - Backup
Don't live in fear for your data: Reasons to review data protection and business continuity implementations
All organisations are faced with exploding data volumes, and a growing dependence on information availability. Data protection has never been so critical and so complex. On the other hand, the storage industry is continually delivering innovations seeking to address these challenges. To get an answer to those challenges, let's discover new data protection stategies with Bull.

Presented by Philippe Reynier
Don't be afraid for your data: 7 practical ways to improve your data protection
The storage market is currently experiencing a fundamental shift. Data growth, new types of information, and the increasing value of data is leading to the need to reevaluate data protection strategies. To get an answer to those challenges, let's discover new data protection stategies with Bull.

Presented by Neil Dillon
Data Protection: a new approach with StoreWay Calypso
Protect enterprise data with the new suite of data protection solutions : Bull StoreWay Calypso.

Presented by Anne-Marie Fourel
Extended Storage Networks: Enable Disaster Recovery through cost-effective multi-site SANs
Extend existing SAN environments to create storage networks spanning multiple geographic sites. Optimise networking costs and performance.

Presented by Michel Lebugle
Business Intelligence - Databases - Middleware
7 golden rules to successfully set up your CRM
Discover the best practices, customer case studies and lessons learnt.

Presented by Bernard Wach and Tim Woolsey
Optimise your SAS infrastructure: Lessons learnt from virtualisation
Rejuvenate your Business Intelligence infrastructure to anticipate customer evolutions. Unify your data and increase flexibility usage.

Presented by Florence Burnoud and Edward Popelard
Data Center - Architecture - Platforms - OS - Hardware
Manage your Blades infrastructure diversity with Bull's new chassis and servers
Learn about the benefits of a unified Blade Server platform for Data Centres hosting heterogeneous operating systems.

Presented by Richard Sijbrandij and Anne Charlet
Server Management best practices: combine performance and virtualisation
Leverage the tangible benefits of virtualised servers with an efficient performance management. Increase and maintain the performance of virtual system environments.

Presented by Pascale Martinez
Data protection - Consolidation - High Availability
The 3 keys to success for your virtualization project with VMware
Learn about the joint benefits of new technologies and Bull services to respond to your business continuity challenges.

Presented by Olivier Pauly
Key technologies to ensure Business Continuity
Best practices to set up a Business Continuity solution in line with your needs and budget.

Presented by Pascal Beyls
Fault Tolerant Windows Applications: 6 benefits you can expect
Meet the increasing performance requirements of applications in Microsoft® Windows® environments. Guarantee business continuity with 24/7 fault tolerant server technology.

Presented by Philippe Thibult
Open Source
Open Source paves the way for the next generation of enterprise IT
The results of a survey on Open Source in European companies, conducted by Forrester Research for Bull.

Dr Stefan Ried


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